Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving on up...

Dear lovely readers,
     Happy Memorial Day weekend! Aren't 3-day weekends the best? They give us a reason to go on.

     I'm so sorry I've been missing in action.  Several legitimate reasons, and the biggest one has been our move! We have been frantically packing, cleaning, purging, dusting, hiding balls of laundry in closets for our open house for the old house this weekend, and also shuttling back and forth for all the final details of our new house. Which there are SO many, especially in this crazy market. 
Have some of you been going through this process, too? RIDICulous.

    Anyway, here are some pictures of our new digs! We're so excited and maybe a little nervous. It's a bit of a change from condo life. But let me give you the virtual tour.

     It's an original Spanish style house from the 1930's. This is the front courtyard, where we first fell in love with the house. When the sun is shining, it just seems like your own little secret garden . It's surrounded on 3 sides by by bougainvilleas and has the most adorable running fountain in the middle, where, apparently, birds love to bathe and frolick in
     UH HUH. It's a little like the beginning scene from Cinderella.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the winner of $3 is...

80's invasion!! HBD Nalynne!

It was like Michael was back. Bizarrely, because she has never sounded so much like him as tonight. It was DEJA VUZ.

Three bucks on Lee

I think American Idol is SO good this season. I LOVE Lee, but I realize Crystal is also such a powerfully strong contender. I have a HUGE bet with Kristen, my buddy at work. Last year, I won $2 from her, since I was convinced Kris would win. And then he did. Whether or not he deserved it.

Anyway, I am SO confident that Lee is going to win, that I've upped my bet by 33%.

Whoever wins, they are both so qualified. But I will definitely miss Simon Cowell. Britain's long-delayed verbally abusive revenge on America's come-uponce 200 years ago.

His wit, sharp--nay, slashing, destructive, tipped with little shards of glass. Has been the best thing about that show since its inception.

OH BOY. Is anyone else blown away by the Simon lashback from the crazies that he's insulted through the years? THEY SHUT THAT DOWN. SOON after the fight for the microphone. HILARIOUS!!

"You are my and forever..."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is what happens when Anthro doesn't have a sale

Then I get to celebrate my new postcards from Urban Outfitters, Anthro's original parent store, 
that acts like Anthro's bratty, hoochie mama, teenaged little sister who likes to hang out at the mall ALL DAY LONG with her greasy haired, pimply-faced boyfriend, who can't keep his hands off her. 
Dirty scumbag.

UO is rife with the funny, edgy books that make perfect gag gifts (or for my friends, their ACTUAL and ONLY gift--c'mon "Stuff White People Like" and "The Poop book" are GEMS to be treasured!!), quirky tee-shirts, and oh, the perfect cup to shock my mother. 
P.S. My favorites from the list "Stuff White People Like"--#107 Self Aware Hip hop references and #48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops and #22 Having 2 Last Names. Oh! and #17 Hating their parents. C'MON. THAT'S FUNNY!
Ok,  about the cup.
Sorry, mom. It was just too funny to pass up. I rarely use that word out loud. You know. QUEEN.

(Really, sorry. I don't like profanity as a rule--it's a bit of an affront to people around you, since they and their innocent children can't escape your dirty spewing. But really. C'mon. Funny--SO funny. And I felt like it was SOOO ME and my generation)

Check out these other hilarious postcards that I will DEFINITELY be using to meet/greet my friends instead of frantically rifling through that sentimental dribble that Hallmark is trying to induce daily highway robbery for. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Germany helps out Greece again--and other floral arrangements

Some items are so fresh and flowery, you have to start batting away the butterflies. This one, however, is also a bit over the top--garish, I would say. And likely to attract the whole darn beehive.
And I know I just said I love the vibrant colors of Cirque du Soleil, just like Dooce, but I don't want to be wearing the entire rainbow. At least not everyday. 
So maybe pass on this one. 
Sure is colorful. And true to size.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Irregular price on Irregular choice shoes

Hi there, friends!

Is everyone savoring the last few warm drops of a glorious golden weekend? Sure hope so. Before that Sunday night pre-work dread sweeps over and knocks us over into a state of learned helplessness and nausea.

Anywho! Nalynne, alert shopper that she is, said this when she was online shopping today,

"i liked these shoes on anthro's website,

and after zooming in i saw the brand was irregular choice, so a quick google search yielded this:

from the brand website for almost 30 bones less! wow!"

So, $158 on Anthro vs. $130 on the actual website for the Tribecca treat. 

Wow, indeed. Sure pays to shop around, doesn't it, girls? Anthro, c'mon. Just placing the item on your shelves shouldn't be cause for a 20% mark up! Boooo...

dooce, anthro and cirque du soleil

My favorite OG blogger,, shows her appreciation for anthro style in this awesome post she did about cirque du soleil. See photo here and the inspiration board she made for HGTV, where she's a regular blogger, now.

I love CdS--have only seen 2-3 of their shows, but am always bedazzled by the pageantry, the vibrancy, the shocking human tricks, the inspiring discipline all that requires. And the shy, wry humor that undergirds it all.

It's comforting to know that even though life is a circus, it may not be all bad.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh, for a soft place to fall...

It's the infamous 27 pillows!!
About a month ago, I showed a few of Nalynne's (SIL) adorable housewares. To reiterate, she has phenomenal taste and a love for Anthro items big and small. 
Well, here are some of the pillows of notoriety, referred to in that comment section. 

Nalynne had this to say,"most of these pillow were scored for $30 or under and the lion cookie jar...just makes me feel like a domestic goddess even if it IS empty." Ha!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anthro-tube 2

One of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother, is lousy! rife! packed to the gills! with Anthro.

Which does not detract at all from its fast paced, original, pee-in-your-pants hilarity. Except when somebody leaps up from the couch and YELLS everytime she sees an Anthro top. 
Man! that's annoying! (is what Chris says)

Especially one that she actually owns (see green Deletta on Robin, photo #5).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Subtle Much?

Too bad there are no visible signs there was a SALE today, otherwise, I would have gone to ANTHRO...OH wait! THERE it is!

So bizarre, right? With the flapping plastic sign in RED!? C'mon, Anthro, at least make it embroidered...

Well, during my visit to the 2nd store (first Del Amo, then El Segundo), I met the most adorable SA! This is Eric. He was so impeccable--even though the lighting was not. Not a single hair out of place. He was sporting a SCARF that tied the purple and aqua together and drew out the clear marine of his eyes. The lighting did not do him justice.

What a cutie!!

Well, with me married and him 1) having excellent style sense 2) posing knee jutted out and 3) working at an Anthro, I think it's safe to say I'm barking up the wrong tree. crush?! 
Loved him.

His partner in crime had this adorable vintage RL riding jacket on. Check out the elbow patches. She was very Connecticut Old Money looking. Totally neglected to get her name since I was so SMITTEN with Eric.

Sorry, bad lighting again! C'mon, Anthro, don't you realize I'm counting on you?

Anyway, I tried on one little item at store 1. Not impressed by this top, but there were millions available. What was really special about it, was how it seemed to accentuate the muffintop with its myriad of ruffles, gathers and stitching, RIGHT THERE.

Tried to capture the magic at the top, but Mr. Iphone is kind of in the way. Believe me, save your 30 bucks for a good belt. THAT's my new motto.

Whew! Well, after all that excitement, I have to scurry on to work. Chris and I are moving, so I was not allowed to buy any of the housewares that are so temptingly marked down!! BUMMED OUT.

I did sneak in a few items. Will show later. Shhhh! Housewares, anyone else?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well played, Anthro...well played.

Hi Anthropals--

     Did everyone go CUCKOO for COCOA PUFFS today at the big sale? After a lot of whipped up frenzy, I found the sale to be pretty comprehensive--especially in the home department.

That is a LOT of glassware markdowns, friends!

Of course, not everything that I wanted went on sale, but I did score a few new items early this am, rolling over in bed, and clicking "BUY"!! Yeah!! And it was JUUUUUST enough to satisfy my cravings. Nicely done, Anthro.

Loop-De-Loop Corset--saw it, loved it. Said--good morning, you're coming home with me. Click!

That online shopping tied me over throughout most of the day--that way I didn't feel compelled to rush out of work and driving like a heroine fiend to 3 different Anthros. Not that I won't be doing that later on tonight.

Nearly Gossamer Cardigan I've been stalking for months! I love the cut, and I will love it in both colors!! Whoohoo! Clickety clickety.

soft? yes! flattering? yup! UNDER 50 BUCKS? CHECK!!!

Buckled Cummerbund I even busted out for a new belt, since the double buckle and nautical stripes seemed clean and versatile. I am still not completely sure about this one, but 20 bucks says "we'll see!"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back to the Santa Monica Flagship Store, for the 2nd time in a week. Pathetic? Perhaps.

But totally enjoyable. What better way to spend an afternoon with a dear friend (I'm talking about Jenny, but also applies to Anthro. Sadly). Especially if she helps you take pictures in the dressing room. Later on, that is. I realize that's me immediately below, taking my own picture.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

OOTD and return to Mothership, just couldn't help it!

Whaddup girlfriends,
     Today was awesome. I got to see my bff Jen for the first time in months. But ONLY after I was struck by the inspiration to...cut my own bangs in 3 minutes! See the dramatic and life-changing results below. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ming Garden, a Mini Garden, and Outfits of the End of the Week

Hi friends! We made it to the end of the week. Whew! Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I'm sure we all feel a little battered and bruised. 

Well, one of my simple pleasures in life is my tiny garden that I started when I first moved in with Chris after we got married. I felt this inexplicable longing for something--maybe post-traumatic stress from the wedding? Maybe growing pains? Just a general malaise. Blah.
Well, starting a garden from seed and tending to it everyday seemed to nurture my soul. I can't say enough about it--even though I have the brown thumb of death, these flowers and tomatoes seem to grow. DESPITE my best efforts!
It's a wonderful exercise to feel at peace with yourself, to be outdoors, to let go of your stress. 'Course, my favorite part is being able to eat from my own plants--as a city girl, I find that AMAZING. I water these suckers everyday--and in a few weeks, I EAT what I just added water to. 

Wanna Be Anthro Bedding

Hi pals! Well, after visiting my fashionable mother in-law, who got a very Anthro-esque bedroom set, I got to thinking about bedding. 

The classic, signature Anthropologie bedding is
1. Brightly colored
2. Featuring flowers and/birds
3. Brilliant patterns for the shams/pillowcases, which may differ greatly from the comforter
4. Complex machinery stitching, alternating with intricate hand-stitching
5. Some embroidery, and if you're lucky, some beading
6. The occasional fluffy poufs.

Right? Well, Macy's Style and Co. has taken note with this Flower Field pattern bedding collection. Check, check, and CHECK. So beautiful! It reminds me of the Indian genre this month, featured by Anthro.

They also sell Tracy Reese's line. Really liked this one.

And this one and wouldn't kick this one off the couch.


Anthro, Anthro everywhere! It's become a game for me to blurt out "That's Anthro!" everytime Chris and I are watching Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, etc. It's like a drinking game, where I should take a swig everytime I spot a frill or sparkle, except I don't drink, and Chris barely seems to care. 

Well, here I've shown some, and these are just 2 show episodes! 

HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) is LOUSY with Anthro!! They're Anthro FIENDS. 

And Glee (not shown here) has even inspired the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear site, which is rich, overflowing, saturated with Anthro items, left and right.

Any other shows that are Anthro pals you can think of? Anybody?

Green Anthro and a Big Green Apple

Saw this on Anthro's facebook page. 

New York, New York. Just about the most exciting city in the US, if not in the world. Man, I wish I could hang out at the Anthro's new store at Chelsea Market. Cheers, Big Apple!! 

You glamorous, loud, LUCKY people. Maybe the spread of Anthro into more corners of New York will make for a kinder, gentler, more beautiful city. 

As a celebratory gesture, Anthro made moss-covered statues that are classic NY. 

Just check the north side of that frilly dress for growth.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MONDO Mothership Anthro Crawl, Part Deux

On the way up to the flagship Anthro store in Santa Monica yesterday, I spotted this perfect moment in billboard transformation.

So funny, because at a glance, I thought that they were using "date night" to describe Sex in the City 2--since I (along with my close girlfriends, otherwise known as the bachelorette crew) have already made it a date to see the movie opening week.

(Sidenote: NO ONE. SJP included can really pull off a turban, sparkly or otherwise. Sorry, I'm just keeping it real.)

These are the friends that I watched season after season of SATC with--while we lived together, shopped together, went clubbing week after week, and talked about the guys, of course--Mr. Big? Aiden? and some monsters in between. Now 2 of us are married, the other 2 are heavily committed, and we're all settling down happily--Charlotte-style.

Everytime I see the SATC trailor/commerical/billboard, it brings back great memories of those days. What would we do without our girlfriends?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mother Ship--OOTD and Anthro Crawl

It's Wednesday evening, friends--I'm already pretty pooped. But exhilarated! Because I am tired from SHOPPING ALL AFTERNOON! I know, I know--gloat, gloat. Obnoxious, I realize. Sorry.

But I will share what I saw and liked. And BOY, was there a LOT to like.

First things first--I wore this outfit this am. Kind of threw things together, because if I don't wear items at least once every few months, Chris will pressure me to donate to Salvation Army.

So I have to keep rarer items in circulation juuuuust enough, snatching them from the gaping maw of the furnace. What a hero I am!

So the items that could have been martyred but are with us today:
Jacket: F21 orange/grey houndstooth short trench
Grey sleeveless lace top: F21
Cream top: Anthro Bordeaux Carrington top (circa '08)
Olive velveteen pants: F21
Shoes: Thailand special
and last but not least
Necklace: Anthro (circa '09)--would never ever throw this away or donate. I love this necklace like a member of the family. At least as much as a second or third cousin. Especially the ones I've never met.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday's Anthro Crawl--Part Deux. Too BAAAAD there's no sale!

Whew! Well, I didn't go back to Anthro again today, but I am going to finish chronicling the rest of the LONGEST fitting room review EVER. 
That "runner" sales associate deserves an Anthro Oscar for acting so happy to stagger under heavy armful after heavy armful of beauty. 
The fitting room SA asked me how I was doing every 7-8 minutes. That meant she asked me about 5-6 times--it was more than awkward. For both of us.
I was relieved when someone relieved her post--my shame immediately alleviated.

Ok, let's kick it off with a Moth tunic, WAY reduced to $30. The only one left was small. Interesting top--it has one scant button on each side, completely exposing your enter flank, armpit and side boob. 
As this is a family institution, I deferred the side view.

Eh. No bells rang for me. But if any of you are looking for this tunic? poncho? tuncho? It's still available.

Monday Madness Anthro Crawl--no sale, BOO!

For the second time this month, Anthro is not having any sale markdowns. Boo! Hiss! 
I was really looking forward to Tuesdays as a sign of favor and fortune. Of a reason to get up after the strain of returning to work Mondays. A frilly, juicy carrot on an otherwise austere stick. 
Well, is it that they hear the hollow echo of our empty piggy banks? And our silent cries for help as we click endlessly from Anthro Hoarder's Anonymous...and back to Anthro again. 
We cannot stop shopping when there are beautiful, rustling, whimsical things to be had! So, I'm relieved this week will be a breather. Or so I thought (cue evil organ music).

Of course, yesterday being Monday, I went to scope things out. 

This is what I wore going in:
See last week's post when I bought
Necklace: Dripping Gems Necklace, Anthro
Cardi: Sparrow Edana Cardi, Anthro
Top: Hourglass Surplice, Anthro
Belt: Target
Pants: Daughters of the Liberation, Anthro
Boots: Franco Sarto

Monday, May 10, 2010

what to wear when hubby gets promoted

Addendum: Nalynne, always being alert and helpful, gave me this link, if anyone wants the Swirled Rosette dress in a size 12. Thanks, N!

Happy Day after Mother's Day, friends! 
Unfortunately, I had to work over the weekend, but that didn't stop us from celebrating Chris' recent promotion--from middle management to slightly upper management. 
Hooray for corporate America! 
We went to our new favorite restaurant in Hermosa Beach, Chef Mel's Bistro, which we highly recommend. American grill-California cuisine, almost everything is organic and the fish is very fresh. 
Anyway, I finally busted out an Anthro dress I've been holding onto. Sorry in advance for the mess--please focus on the clothes and not the pigsty I've allowed myself to live in.

Dress: Anthro Burlapp Swirled Rosette Dress (circa '09)
Jacket: Irene's Story in Redondo Beach
Tights: Anthro
Shoes: Rocket Dog (circa '08)
Earrings: Anthro 
Ring: F21

I love the dress, of course. Its rosette is totally over the top, but since it's all black, I find it adorable. Also, anything that is edged with little ruffles without seeming juvenile is brilliant.

I found it on the sale rack in a size 0, with the strap broken, "AS IS," um, for 50 bucks. YUP. You better believe I POUNCED. LIKE A NINJA!

I sewed that sucker back on, and rocked it all around the house, gloating. Note to self--don't use white thread on a black dress, otherwise your suboptimal sewing skills will suddenly be revealed.

Can I also say, though, that this is my favorite jacket of the year. Don't know if you can see how great the pockets are--they're like small wings without seeming to add of lots of hip. And my hands seem to neatly fit inside, no fishing required.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

OOTD and a night with the bachelorettes

My close girlfriends, from waaay back, and I got together for dinner the other night at the best Thai restaurant in non-Hollywood, LA. Samunluong in Pomona is our frequent hang--out.

Amazing food, fast service, cheap prices. It's the triple threat--therefore, irresistible to Asians.
We try to meet about once a quarter for what we call a Hump Dinner--that refers to our "Dry Hump in the Suberbs" meetings. Yes, that's right--I said "Dry Hump."

This unsavory term evolved, as we considered ourselves the lighter, more innocent version of "Sex in the City" (our favorite show to watch together when we lived in a rickety old house many years ago, across from a literal crack den full of friendly children).
That is a story for another time.  But just so you know, I'm Carrie. Plus Charlotte. But agewise, I'm the Samantha. :(

Kat had the fab outfit of the night--a little number she picked up on Melrose for 10 bucks! She was working it like a full-time job. Go Kat!!

She was very excited about it, as you can see.

Loving my new iphone app--the hipstamatic~it makes everything look 30 years older. Except the people, that is. Very retro-vibe!

Kimi, Kat

Me and Rita.

Here, in the Glassflower Cardi, my Anthro necklace, Hourglass Surplice, some Rock and Republic Jeans and my Anthro forehead braids, to emphasize my loyalty to Anthro. If it weren't already clear. 
I'm loving both new purchases. The Cardi is amazingly soft and beautifully built.
The colors are so unique, retro, yet subdued enough to wear anywhere.

The Hourglass Surplice is the next thing to a second skin. Soft, molding, light. Good thing it doesn't shed or grow small moles.

This is what I wore to work a few days ago. I have been desperately seeking a good cardigan, so finally stumbled upon the Merona ones at Target in various colors. Snatched up a yellow and green.

They're small cable knit, 3/4 sleeve (not my favorite, but I'm learning the benefits), and fall around the hip.

Cardigan: Target, Merona about $22
Top: F21
Belt: F21
Cords: JCrew
Necklace: Anthro

Anybody have fashionable friends that they hang out with? Who is the most fashionable friend you know?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aprons aweigh! Happy Mother's Day!

Hello friends! With Mother's Day almost upon us, I thought I would share my favorite non-everyday items--the quintessential apron.

First off, let's just agree that Athropologie does such an amazing job of rejuvenating, fashionizing, even glamorizing the apron. Can you imagine any of these amazing fashion statements at Walmart? The colors, patterns, details and excessive pricing (sigh) all lend to Anthro's remaking of the apron--the kitchen becomes the catwalk!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No, really--let's all go to India!

Apparently, no one took me seriously when I suggested this a few days ago. Just browsing through the catalog, it was so clear that India is color, movement, vibrance, life, dance, struggle, beauty all at once.

I was completely floored by this video that was posted by an Anthro facebook fan, Amy. It was a beautiful compilation done by photographer Ami Vitale with a Nikon.

It completely captures so much of the intrigue, the overwhelming wonder and inspiration of India. WOW.

I dare you to watch it and NOT be completely awestruck. Have you ever seen anything or anyone (people) so beautiful in your life?

Liamolly visits Gram

Chris' grandma (left) is the sweetest little 87 y/o lady you ever met. She is domestic and frugal to a fault--she grew up during the Depression, sews a mean ruffle, gardens semi-professionally, loves to play (and trounce at) Skip-Bo, and adores her family.

She routinely blurts out such precious-isms like "Well, I declare!" and "Oh my Lands!" and calls all her grandkids "sweetie-heart." I know--so cute, right?

seen here with a neighbor and friend

We all went to Michigan this past weekend to visit her and went through quite a lot of her prized (and forgotten) posessions in efforts to help her move residences.

Some really interesting relics:
1. beautiful vintage jewelry (see pearls below)
2. songs written by her friends, for her
3. a pin with a swatsika on it, taken from an SS officer in Auschwitz by Grandpa's brother, (who was one of General Patton's personal detail) when the Americans freed the camp. Wow.

Of course, Nalynne, as always, is decked OUT in Anthro, and the vintage pearls fit right on in! So funny--elegance never goes out of style, does it?

Well, Nalynne's cutie-pie girls also got gussied up in Anthro (both in LiaMolly) to see Gram.

leggings: urban outfitters
boots: sorel hoonah in black..."a shout out to sorel for the warmest most comfy boots for gals"

Celia: liamolly sweater dress from winter 2009 (in pigtails)
Olive: liamolly sweater dress from winter 2009 (in red)

Love you, Gram! See you soon!

Sale day fitting room review

Oh, happy day, Anthrolifers! 

Anthro--you sure know what you're doing! Making us all wait an extra week before you have a good purging sale.

As for me, it had been less than 24 hours since I had been to Anthro (yesterday, I had to do the walk-thru before the big day--call it a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner--one that HAPPENS to occur every single Monday).

I'm at the stage where each sales associate either 1) recognizes me and says hi and/or 2) recognizes me, and juuuust doesn't quite have the energy to give the "what's-she-doing-here-again" eye roll.
I think they could save some time if they just left my name in green dry-erase ink up on one of the dressing room mirror name plates. 

To their credit, they're usually just so polite, which makes Anthro ever so much fun to browse. For hours and hours. And hours.

Onto the clothes.

I've already bragged ad nauseum about the new aquisition of Deletta's dress and LiaMolly's sweater, see here

$79.95 ...was $148.00
$69.95 ...was $138.00

Then, I happened upon the only xs of this top, which I had seriously not seen before in my home store. Did Ofelia (my shopping doppelganger who wears my size and likes to return things) strike again? (Thanks, Ofie!) 

Loved the perfectly tucked sleave and the bold colors--which remind me of watercolors from an Asian still life.  
$39.95 ...was $78.00

I have been stalking this next top for months, MONTHS. The floating flowiness! The leaf pattern! So lovely!

But little did I realize that there is no zipper--you actually have to button um, like, 15-16 (!) little rounded suckers up one entire seam. Since this was a size zero, I decided to spare everyone the sight of myself in disarray, unbuttoned, and disappointed.
Oh wellers.

Thought the details of this tank were interesting mainly because they're so vaguely ethnic. Does this top remind you of India? the Mayans? Thailand? All of the above.

It's like the United Nations of tanks.

I liked the back--most racerbacks are flattering (as long as your bra straps aren't hanging ALL the way out), but still had to pass. The waist was a bit odd.

Mekori Tank
$39.95 ...was $78.00

Vie En Rose dress, which I found for $20! Whoohoo! Thank goodness for returners and the return policy that keeps on giving.

Really wanted to like this one. But like everyone says, the fit is humongous. I wish I could say that I am always swimming in a size 2. And usually I wouldn't mind.

It's just that the excessively large arm holes lead to a whole new intimacy that I don't wish to have with every casual passerby. Darnit! No size 0 to be had online or local stores. Boo. Bummer, since it was marked down to $50 (even though not so on the website!).

This fabric is beautiful, and so is the cut of this dress. If ever you wanted to fit in at the Queen's garden party, and then take off to brunch at the Four Seasons after that, this would be the dress to wear. 

Since I have filled my quota of both for the year, I had to decline.

$99.95 ...was $188.00

Totally don't remember what this sweater is called--they had it in black as well, for sale. About 50 bucks. Nice embroidery at the top portion, but wasn't wowed to the point of purchase.

 The Sparrow Edana cardigan, which I've been hawking, but gave up trying to find--is now in my life, and we will never be apart. I think it's the back that sold me. I mean, how kick-ass is that?

It worked well layered, too. I wasn't SO crazy about the

But oh, boy. I think this sweater will be such a great layerer piece. I'm going to have to find events to go to so I get to wear it!

The last tee of the day was
$29.95 ...was $48.00

Loved the fit. Loved, loved, and loved even more. It was soft, dainty but comfortable, fitted but not hoochie. Versatile for layering, and appropriate for all occasions. 

$29.95 ...was $48.00

I will end this post with that content, almost smug smirk that I donned, the minute I got this cardi in my hot little hands. The fact that it fit perfectly, despite being 1 size larger than usual was extra gratifying. Cheers for Anthro and LiaMolly!