Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Ruched Marigold Coat, Adelie Blouse

Hi girls! Did anyone else pick up some housewares today? I luckily scored on a rug last week, but will have to show you at a later post.
Well, I finally found the Adelie blouse and tried it on the other day. Tried on the size 0 and 2, and found the 0 fit just as well. Would size down since the peplum/pleatage adds bulk anyway. But as adorable as I found the print online a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure how I could incorporate the look into my closet. So maybe come sale day. Otherwise, the march of the penguins will go on without me.

I also tried on this Maeve top, which I could not find online. It was about 112 or so, sorry--my preggo brain still is in full effect, and I didn't remember to take pics of the tag. I loved the colorful, almost art-like print, the rustly, light feel of the silk, and the waist tie. Oh, Anthro...maybe I will come back to you more than once a month.

 I was further wooed back to Anthro when I saw they had my FAVORITE book in stock, and in pink, no less. I'm an AOGG freak. I would probably be better qualified to have a blog about Anne-with-an-E, although she doesn't really have new merchandise to talk about every few weeks. But she was a huge, happy part of my childhood, and seeing her decked out on Anthro's shelves brought a little shock of joy.
 Of course, my local Anthro's visual team also rocked it with their tent? teepee? canvas rainbow? Loved it. Even more impressive in person.

 Chris doesn't know yet, but I intend to build one of these in our living room. Just over the fireplace. Shhhh...it's a surprise!
At the last minute, while checking out at the register, this flash of gold caught my eye, and lo and behold--there was the Ruched Marigold coat that had been snatched away by fate and by more attentive shoppers than myself. Well, guess what is widely available at the Del Amo Anthro in Torrance, CA?
 I wanted so much to love it. I raced over and snatched it off the hanger, and threw it on. But looking at myself in the mirror, I felt overwhelmed by the sleeves, the ruching, the color. It just felt excessive to me. And even the very nice, new SA shook her head and wrinkled her nose. Well, dear SA: Thank you for your candor. As much as it stung. As much as I want to believe that everything magically looks great on me. You saved me buyer's remorse, possible humility, and 250 bucks.

However. They are available at the store, still, and almost sold out online. Only smalls available. So if anyone else is vibing for one, give them a jingle.
We just got back from Ohio last night--we were there for faux Thanksgiving, our early Thanksgiving celebration with Chris' family. So much fun, so much food, so much trampolining and baby giggles and happy, panting dogs, and lovely moments with family. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.

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