Thursday, March 25, 2010

the loveliest of them all

Anthropologie has quickly become my favorite spot to shop of all. It's constantly surprising, evolving. The enticement ranges from the quiet, woodsy peace of the colorful decor, added to the tasteful aromatic candles--never overpowering, almost spa-like in their zen attitude. There's rarely a screaming baby or jarring music.

It's like stepping into a beautiful cathedral--but one where fashion is the altar--an elegant and very expensive altar.
Here are three of my favorite earrings. All are recent (in last 3 months) purchases. Colorful, elegant, but not so crazy that you can't wear them to work. And isn't that the goal?

Marrying boring work with beautiful, beautiful things. Which motivate us to keep going to said boring work. So we can afford more beautiful things...