Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Avery at 21 months and birthday discount

You are blowing my mind, kiddo. With the talking, the constant chattering and commentary on what you want ("Avery want mama take to park") or what you don't want ("no want THAT!") usually with an imperiously pointed finger. You are boisterously alternating from disdainful to delighted to ornery and obnoxious and then quickly back to happy squealing.

Things you like:
going to the park
going down the little slide
spotting your little friend, baby Connor, and hugging him TIGHT while he gazes out piteous and hapless from your enthusiastic embrace.

Things you love:
going to the park with mama and dada
sliding down the big slide that always freaks other moms out--they think I'm being irresponsible and have Child Protective Services on hold
getting hugged by moma or dada and then pushing us and running away while we're not quite done showering with kisses.

I was listing your words up til about 16 months. Nowadays, it just is an exercise in futility. It would be like trying to follow a very active dog around for a week and counting how many bushes he sniffed and how many times he panted happily in between. Um, a thousand? Ten thousand? Why does it matter anymore except to show that you are normal and happy and healthy and maybe even a little obnoxious.

I do however, treasure your words. I love that you say,"Mama, come play puzzles, pwease." Usually the pwease has to be wheedled out, but it does appear more and more frequently. My favorite words lately are the ones charmingly mispronounced. Like "bwbwbwbwimp" (blimp) and "pwwumb" (plumb). I ask you to say them over and over, while holding a very straight face and a slightly shaky flip video camera. I know you will hate it when they show up in your future wedding video montage. Oh well. Well WELL worth it.

It's my birthday this month. I get a 15% discount at Anthro---I'm probably going to pounce on ALL the curtains that we should have bought 2 years ago and prevented our house from looking like a forlorn 70's garage sale.

1. Coqo Floral 2. Climbing Vines 3. Tawi.
What do you all think?


  1. cute! happy birthday! I always forget about the cute home offerings at anthro...

  2. thanks, chica. i'm all about the home stuff, esp this season.