Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vegas Part 2 and Fitting Room Reviews: Four Corner Shirtdress, Correspondance Dress

 Vegas, home of big skylights. Lots of Asians. Both seen above.
Vegas not only excels in dashing hopes and stealing innocence, it is a shopping addict's paradise.

Oh and random celebrity sightings!

In addition to bumping into Larry King in the hotel gift shop, we saw Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku together at John Varvatos, had dinner 3 tables over from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, and I saw Cee Lo Green late that night at a Bellagio nightclub.

All in one day. And I only got a picture with Larry. Well, he's my favorite, after all.

 Also, lots of nice flower arrangements.
Anyway, onto the reviews!

This trench isn't online, does anyone know the name?

I took pics of all the tags except this one--sorry! It was totally classic, except with this adorable red lining under the shoulder tabs, and extra flaps under the collar. Totally Bridget Bardot meets Kate Moss. Meets a very buttoned up James Bond.

Just wish they had had a smaller size. This is the 2, but I assume the 0 is ever sleeker. Which is what BB, KM, and JB would all want, I'm sure. 

I loved the Four Corner Shirtdress like a bad college romance.

I knew right away it wasn't going to be great quality and it would probably clash with the rest of my closet. It's really overpriced for such a thin fabric, plus it doesn't have a lining, so there might be a slip in my future.

But I couldn't look away--it's so quirky with the collar and that mullet (longer hem) in the back. Like totally June Cleaver meets Pat Benatar.

Squeeeee! I snatched up the 2, but it was more than a bit roomy. So I ordered the 0 online.

Here's hoping my parents and Chris approve. But even if they don't, it's coming home with me.

 The Correspondence Dress got a lot of attention initially, and I'm nothing if not a follower. So had to try on the 0, which was perfect length and waist, but kind of blousy up front.

Plus all the horizontal striping seems to voluminize--for those who want that, it's the dress for you!

Vegas' Anthro is pretty big, decently decked out, and well-stocked with both clothes and housewares. And their sale staff has gotten even better since the last time I went. 

What a perfect afternoon I spent there--they tracked me down to get the Four Corner, bc they had been having technical difficulties. 

I think they called me 3x in the 24 hours which is more than I can say for anyone except for my mom (who has just gotten the hang of texting and now CANNOT STOP).

I'm most impressed that they live and work in Vegas, and don't feel compelled to spend all day at the Roulette table, compulsively playing #29 until all their hard-earned money is gone. 

Then drowning their sorrows in a all-you-can-eat trough of mac-n-cheese. I mean, who would do THAT?

Go, team Vegas!

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  1. Wow, so many celeb sitings! That's so neat. I'm the kind of person who would totally miss those, because I tend not to pay attention to other people in stores :/

    Love the red accents popping out in that trench. How cool is that?!