Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AnthroTour--Gorgeous Santa Barbara

Hey girls,
    I know it's been 5 days since the Labor Day Sale, but I did want to show some awesome pics I got of the Santa Barbara store. Chris and I drove up the coast on Wednesday night, and browsed about the town on Thursday morning, just in time for their delightful Anthro to open its doors.

The Santa Barbara art museum is reflected in the window. All the original buildings in that town are Spanish style and are covered with brightly fuschia-hued bougainvillea, and dark green ivy, tinted with red. 

Very travel-themed store. Loved the different colored suitcases.

I found this colorful, eclectic jumble of cups, bowls, plates so very perfect and chaotic and lovely. Would probably never use any of them, just leave my cupboards open so I could gaze upon the loveliness.

Dream library. Lots of variety. All very pretty.

More pics to come. I did score at the sale, how about you guys?

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  1. I was in SB this weekend too. I had lunch across the way at the Shell Cafe, a cute little outdoor cafe. I went in and I loved the decor here. Scored a few things at the sale as well.