Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sale Shoes

Did anyone else jump for joy when they saw the Lemon Stick Wedges were on sale today? I've been waiting. Can't WAIT to wear them with anything and everything--especially grey tights, skinny jeans, and neutrals.
I had also bought the Tack Rooms last week, but overshot the size since everyone on reviews said they ran small and narrow. Thank goodness for free shipping.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My First Hollywood Premiere and OOTD

Well, it's been a long time, friends. How is everyone doing? I'm good, thanks. Just reeling from our date night last night. What did we do? Glad you asked.

Let's just say that last week's date night that I had planned (with half price tickets from Fandango to Bridesmaids) paled a bit in comparison to my first Hollywood premiere where we saw Owen Wilson and stalked John Lasseter.
(I say "my first" bc C has been to stuff like this before, the weasel). 

Chris finagled tickets to the world premiere of Cars 2 at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Vrooom Vrooooom!

Urban Outfitters Military Peplum Jacket
Anthro Burlapp dress
Anthro Espadrilles (scored at last week's tag sale)
 Well, I had to bust out my new Anthro espadrilles, now sold out online. Totally forgot the name, sorry! It's preggo brain. Yes, preggo brain continues beyond being preggo. I'll let you know when I'm back to my razor sharp self.

 Squeeeezed into this dress, and had to solicit Chris' help to zip up. Good thing I had a jacket on, since I had to unzip later on just to breathe, spending half our evening with my left armpit hanging out. It's the California casual look. And that's why I never wear shawls.

The paparazzi were totally turned the wrong way and not ONE asked me what I was wearing. RUDE. They were all too busy yelling at Owen Wilson, who had just arrived. The crowds behind the barriers were going nuts screaming his name.

 We got to walk the black carpet. Which is next to the red carpet. But they hustled us along so we wouldn't gawk at the celebrities (but I did say hi later to Larry the Cable Guy, who was there, holding his mo-hawked 3 year old).

After the movie (which was adorable yet surprisingly complex--like a kiddie Bond flick), we sauntered down to the after-party, which ended up being part-carnival, part-hugest coolest kid party ever.

 Complete with huge race tracks for kids to send their lego cars careening down.
 A full-sized Lego Lightning McQueen.
 Very cosmopolitan--with a Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Tokyo skyline.

John Lasseter posed with the spy car, voiced by Michael Caine.
 After wandering around for a while, we stumbled upon the food. OH. MY.
 It was an embarrassment of riches. You will notice that I am clutching 2 pack of Auntie Anne's piping hot pretzel sticks, a plate of steak and chicken burritoes, a cup of short ribs and mashed potatoes, and an unfortunate bag of cotton candy that I ended up having to leave behind...
 Only because we found the Wolfgang Puck cupcake stall. Oh, Wolfie--your chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, and chocolate milk chaser made my evening.

 Tow-mater and Lightning McQueen were also in attendance.
By this time, we were turning into pumpkins (unlike the 500 4 year olds who kept on partying with their exhausted looking parents--all who were from the entertainment industry), so one last picture with the neon lights, and we headed home to our baby (Grandpa was babysitting).
My turn to plan date night next week. I'm thinking of netflixing "When Harry Met Sally" and having Chinese takeout. I want to keep his expectations low.

Happy Father's Day, Chris!

Friday, June 3, 2011

OOTD Stripes and Scarves

Happy Friday, friends. The weather here has been sunny--but surprisingly windy. And because I hate to be cold, I've been wrapping myself up in scarves and cozy layers every morning, only to be peeling them off as the afternoon warms up. Common sense dressing, you say? You would think that I would have figured it out before the age of 25. 
Dressed for intensive gardening, as tis the season to be replanting our tomatoes and cucumbers if we want to have a chance of any growth before summer's end. Am trying to end my reign as Queen of 
Plant Death this year!
Anthro scarf, '10
Anthro sweatshirt wrap cardi--my fave--scored on Ebay, very comfy, with HUGE pockets and a cozy collar.
BR jeans
Franco Sarto boots

Avery (aka baby Waldo) wore stripes from Baby Gap. Chris and I didn't mean to match, but we both LOVE gray and cozy. So we wore our twinsy outfits and blazed a thick trail through Home Depot's garden center.

We did some informal measuring of her head, length, and Chris wanted to do abdominal girth. She does appear (to us) to have an abnormally large head compared to the rest of her body, but she is about 50%ile on everything. That hasn't stopped us from calling her "Megamind" in private.

I do have a hazy memory of the OB exclaiming that she had a big head when they were pulling her out via c-section, and then hurriedly saying,"She has a big head because she has lots of brains..."

Well, here's hoping. Hoping she's gonna win the National Geographic Spelling Bee at age 12, invest her $10,000 winnings in small-cap funds, quadruple her earnings, and then buy Mama the entire Anthro kitchen line. Thanks, Megamind!