Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Admitting it--Jealousy of a 14 year old

Hi friends--
     I happen to love reading Tavi Gevinson's blog, The Style Rookie. What's expected: witty, engaging prose. Lots of on-the-scene runway pics. Creative stylistic pairings--lace, puffy layers, plastic drugstore barrettes.
     What's unexpected: She's like, 14. Literally, 14. And a freshman in high school, who also happens to attend all the important fashion weeks.
     I envy her--the time she has, the talent, the opportunity to be young, yet sure-footed. She's emphatic and opinionated--while being self-assured and very knowledgable. Who else is at that age? Without sounding childish and spoiled?
     Good for her, I say, with some wistfulness. Now if only I could wear what I loved everyday...without incurring the wrath or scorn of the imposing in-crowd elite...Here they come--I'd better cower in my locker...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anthrolife Cooks Dinner or Hastily Thrown Together Recipes For Tuesday Nights

Every Tuesday (or any weeknight) evening, I find myself immersed in Anthro's website after (and during) work. Sometimes to the point that I have no food on the table, or even in the microwave (!) by the time Chris gets home from work. At 8 pm (Yes, he's a workaholic. I have suggested counseling. But he doesn't have time).

Slacker, you say? Or dedicated fanatic.

Well, Anthro seems to have the right idea--look at their culinary headline on their site today.
See the right hand corner? 

It's fate! I made Apple and Butternut Squash Soup last night! Ok, truth. It was supposed to be Butternut Squash, but ended up being Cream of Sweet Potato Soup. Mainly because I already had them in the fridge.

Here's the slacker recipe if you want it--I'm not swearing by its culinary value (although, lets face it--he and i didn't gag while eating it)--just the fact that it's fast and allows you to peruse Anthro's website without guilt! It's the simmering! Lots of time simmering!

Cream of Sweet Potato for Slackers/Anthro Lovers:
4-5 Sweet Potatoes that you baked for 45 minutes 2-3 days earlier but couldn't finish eating because of poor time management
1 red onion or 2 shallots if you happen to swing that way
1 full carton of Trader Joe's Chicken or Veggie Stock
1 half carton of half and half that you want to get rid of before it goes sour
Rosemary sprigs from your backyard or whatever herb is lying around
EVOO (as Rachel Ray would say) w/c means extra virg olive oil

Cut the sweet potatoes into 1 inch slices, skin intact (it's both easier and more interesting that way). Throw the red onion into the food processor so you won't have to chop it and cry that painful onion cry. Warm up olive oil in a dutch oven/medium pot. Heat up the onions in the EVOO while you peruse the sweaters on sale (about 5 minutes).

After onions are translucent, or are smoking, throw the sweet potatoes into the pot, cover with stock, and then settle in for the rest of the website.
Let boil, then simmer for 30-45 minutes. You can even look at the boots.

When you think you are good and ready to eat, turn off heat, ladle soup in batches into a food processor/blender. Pulse a few times, then really pulverize. It will be the consistency of creamy soup. If it's not, add water. Then add a big douse of half/half. More if you like it creamy, less if you don't.

Salt/pepper/herb to taste. Settle into the couch, and check out Anthro's new kitchenwares.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anthrokids, Ye Olde Original, But for REAL

I misnamed the previous Anthrokids post. This is ACTUALLY the Anthrokids post. 
SO stinkin' adorable. It's a cuteness overload. I'm overwhelmed with the cuddly, fuzzy, baby-bunny-rabbit, wriggly-puppy preciousness of it all.

Top 5 Cutest Kid Items:

1. Captivating Cluster Dress, $88. Anything with felt applique flowers on the perfect color combo of pink, red and oatmeal. Notice the complete lack of dried boogers and smeared peanut butter all over. Just a few artfully placed lollipops. Even the kid seems perfect.

2. Monkey Business Coat, $98. LiaMolly does this great thing where they have of lining, textured cuffs, and amazing sweatered fabrics. This coat is so cozy and perfect for autumn. I love the changing-Vermont-leaves-in-fall shades. 

3. Honey Loving Hat, $38. SO fun to have your kid wear animal heads on their head. A little creepy, but what ISN'T cute on a chunky-cheeked 9 month old? Especially if they have a clean snot-free nose and are not screaming bloody murder.

4. Bud Vase Hoodie, $78. Perfect combo of cute and sturdy. Playful and practical. Good for parks, zoos, cozy diners, playgroup, even the occasional party.

5. Mr. Fox Sweater, $78. Ah, if Scooter had stayed a boy, this is the kind of adorable boy playwear I would have forced on him (now, her). How irresistible is ANY hoodie with ears and slanted pockets? It was just inevitable.

Anyone else L-O-V-E the kidswear? And find it both extraordinarily cute? and a bit expensive? Um, just like the rest of Anthro? Which is why we love/stalk it? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Brush with Greatness (Whilst Hysterically Sobbing)

I neglected to post this a few weeks ago because it was so emotionally raw ('course, nowadays, riding on the pregnancy roller coaster,  everything--including eating soggy toast or my shoelaces coming untied is emotionally raw).

But I met a personal hero and American, nay, international legend at the charming local coffee shop WHILE MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS.

Keri Walsh-Jennings (wiki-stalk here) has been such a dominant force in women's volleyball for over 10 years. She's simply awe-inspiring and gorgeous to watch...which is why I was completely emotionally absent at my new job and MIA for newlywed kitchen duties during the summer Beijing Olympics of 2008.

CLEARLY, I had to be completely devoted to sitting for hours in front of our TV, screaming her name and bouncing wildly, flailing cheetos when she and Misty May beat China, Brazil, um...and everyone else in the WORLD. It was a call of duty I had to answer--as an American and a patriot, people.

None of her athletic prowess or sheer skill is enough though, to explain her magnetic draw for me or fans the world over.

I know what impressed me time after time, was not her perfect serves, resounding spikes (POUNDS!), towering blocks, or lithe digs--but her persistent enthusiastic encouragement of her teammate, Misty May.

She is such a cheerleader--even though she is also the star quarterback. She was always so graceful and gracious to others under immense pressure.  Which is so rare in today's cutthroat athletic culture--where people fist-pump and puff out chests and have long self-congratulatory press conferences.

She's precisely the kind of girl you would want to be--or your daughter to be. Selfless, enthusiastic, but also able to kick anyone's ass.

So you can understand how verklempt I was when I looked up from my book and spotted her trademark braid. And then she turned her head and uncoiled elegantly up to her full height (um, 6'3''--who else would it be!)--I immediately gasped and tears leapt to my eyes.

She could not have been friendlier--especially as I was clearly a crazed, emotionally unstable fan. Albeit my pregnancy makes me a little less dangerous.  She actually came closer to my table, and extended her hand and simply said, "Hi, I'm Keri..."

We chatted about her 2 babies, my pregnancy, her upcoming tour in Thailand and China. I tried to act as polite and casual as one can when one's nose is running.

Even after she left, I couldn't stop sniveling. It chokes me up even a little bit, now.

I guess it's because her sweet encouraging nature is just as real in a random 2 minute coffee shop passing with a slobbering pregnant woman, as it has been for the last 10 years around the globe with millions watching. She's for real, folks.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anthrokids, Ye Olde Original

Slow day at work today, friends. Which is awesome, because that means more time to peruse the Anthro sale online. What blew my socks off:

1. Small Sparrow's Dimpled Cardigan for 50 bucks. Which I have, in white. And bought for 98 bucks. And have not worn even once, mainly because Chris said it was (and I quote) "fattering."

No, that's not a mispelling.

I kept it because I don't like to let other people tell me what to wear. But it doesn't mean that I end up wearing said clothes, either. That's right--brave, defiant coward, right here.

Coward who stashes sweaters in her closet for months, then takes them out to try them on, when they go on sale.

But I just love it in this shade. Does anyone else see how sweet and elegant it is? And soft and perfect for a blustery winter afternoon.

2. Floreat's Blushing Avian blouse for about 50 bucks. So gorgeous with the simple sweeping neckline, the feathers for goodness sakes! Feathers that don't look too too crazy-old-lady!! And that belt is just perfection...

Oh, for my previous waistline. Sigh. Which is now widened and bloated and rolling around with mysterious baby elbows and alarming karate chops. Especially during Mad Men. Scooter seems to come alive to the sound of Don Draper's voice.

3. And then...AGAIN! Floreat, with the simple, almost Victorian elegance! Stop it already.
The High Tea Blouse is on sale, girls. Maybe it's time--since at 50 bucks, it ain't gonna get much better.

It's so hoity toity, English snob--I want to wear it and then watch SuperNanny while sipping Earl Grey.

My favorite educator ever (4th grade), Mr. Klein was SUCH an Anglophile, and always had Paddington bear all around the classroom, along with pics of Queen Elizabeth II. He would definitely approve.

Did anyone else score some sale goodies? I saw some kids stuff online and was GAGGING to shop--SO very cute. Next post will have to be about the anthrokids.