Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anthrokids, Ye Olde Original, But for REAL

I misnamed the previous Anthrokids post. This is ACTUALLY the Anthrokids post. 
SO stinkin' adorable. It's a cuteness overload. I'm overwhelmed with the cuddly, fuzzy, baby-bunny-rabbit, wriggly-puppy preciousness of it all.

Top 5 Cutest Kid Items:

1. Captivating Cluster Dress, $88. Anything with felt applique flowers on the perfect color combo of pink, red and oatmeal. Notice the complete lack of dried boogers and smeared peanut butter all over. Just a few artfully placed lollipops. Even the kid seems perfect.

2. Monkey Business Coat, $98. LiaMolly does this great thing where they have of lining, textured cuffs, and amazing sweatered fabrics. This coat is so cozy and perfect for autumn. I love the changing-Vermont-leaves-in-fall shades. 

3. Honey Loving Hat, $38. SO fun to have your kid wear animal heads on their head. A little creepy, but what ISN'T cute on a chunky-cheeked 9 month old? Especially if they have a clean snot-free nose and are not screaming bloody murder.

4. Bud Vase Hoodie, $78. Perfect combo of cute and sturdy. Playful and practical. Good for parks, zoos, cozy diners, playgroup, even the occasional party.

5. Mr. Fox Sweater, $78. Ah, if Scooter had stayed a boy, this is the kind of adorable boy playwear I would have forced on him (now, her). How irresistible is ANY hoodie with ears and slanted pockets? It was just inevitable.

Anyone else L-O-V-E the kidswear? And find it both extraordinarily cute? and a bit expensive? Um, just like the rest of Anthro? Which is why we love/stalk it? 


  1. I saw the clothing in person in the Rockefeller Center store in NY and the clothing is so cute.
    The materials are nice and thick, perfect for the cool weather. My only shtick is the price and the sizing. I have a 16 month old girl and everything that says 12-18 months seems like it should fit a 2 year old. Poo, my little girl will just have to wait to be introduced to Anthro :)

  2. hey sleepless--yes i love the thickness and sturdiness of the knit! i say let's sale-stalk. come springtime, everything should be ready to roll for your then-2 year old!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog via Cindi and it's so funny - I just did a post on the exact same thing! Cuteness galore! Lovely blog! I'll be following. Hope you'll visit!

    xx Vivian