Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Indulgence Rei(g)ns

Self Indulgent Ways to Spend Your Day Off

1. BUY those outrageously expensive (egged on by blogging friends and boot lust) Loose Rein boots, giggling nervously when you click "Confirm."

2. Watch 3 Gilmore Girls reruns--why are there no other shows on TV that have clever and fast-paced dialogue?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scooter, the Cross-Dresser

As most of you know, I'm pregnant and we're due 1/11/11. That makes me about 20 weeks along, now.

Well, Chris and I have been calling our unborn baby, Scooter, i.e. "Scooter's kicking!" and "Scooter's pressing on my bladder" and "Scooter needs some Haagen Daas, RIGHT NOW," etc.

Especially after I snuck an unauthorized 14 week ultrasound (I work in a hospital, and have a friend who is an ultrasound technician, so this was NOT read by a radiologist) which showed that Scooter was a boy.

He had his legs WIDE OPEN, and was waving around what looked DEFINITELY, oh ho! like a "boy flag." Twig, berries. Check, and CHECK.

BTW, you probably want to turn your volume down if you watch this clip.

There is hysterical screaming near the end, and possibly the use of the term "wee wee" and lots of "OH MY GOD!!!!" (sorry--very excitable ultrasound tech, ahem).

That was about a month ago, and when we went for our OFFICIAL ultrasound Friday, we were very ho-hum.

Did we want to know the gender, the ultrasound tech wanted to know. Oh, sure--we already know...

So she said, "You know, then, that it's a GIRL?"

".....um.......WHAT?!!!" (hysterical laughter, babbling, more hysterical laughter, hyperventilating)

It's been confirmed by the OB, too, who reprimanded us against unofficial, underground ultrasounds and the heartache and unnecessary blue bootie shopping they lead to. BE YE WARNED.

Well, Anthro, I'm shopping for Scootie come December, now that she has become a Scoot-her. Very excited. Slightly dazed and confused, since I was totally in the boy state of mind, but can definitely enjoy my new little Anthro-shebuddy.

Anthro-friends! WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!! we think--hopefully, gender identity crisis is over.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle of the Boots

Aside from Florence, Italy at sunset, I don't think I've ever seen anything more beautiful than these 2 pairs of boots. The Loose Rein Boots for $268 and the Bowtied-Beauty for $248.

I'm so torn between the perfectly ruffled elegance of the LRB (which is the most amazing color) and the insanely adorable bowties on the BBB. So darn cute you could throw them over your shoulder and burp them.  

Anybody else feeling a booty call?

Monday, August 16, 2010

More Preggo-Friendly Tops

A few more items:

Deletta's Flower Vendor Top, $78.00 stunned me into silence at first.

I loved this rosette detail at the right shoulder. In combination with the cowlneck, it struck me as elegant and unique.

Not crazy about cap sleeves in general, however.

Ah, if only. The worst part about this top is that it is undergirded with a silky camisole. Sounds like a good idea, but the spaghetti straps twist and turn and become very unwieldy when put on and taken off. It was all atangle. I reluctantly handed it back to the SA because I knew I couldn't deal with the chaos.

Also, it was an acrylic and wool blend which would explain the itchiness. Dang it.

Love, love, L-O-V-E the Lady's Choice Cardigan, $88. It's the gathered neck, the elegantly puckered shoulders, the lovely colors. It really is ladylike and flows very nicely. Probably should have tried the XS instead of the S.

Will definitely need to sale stalk this one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anthro's Sale Belly-friendly Items

The second trimester is a revelation. I finally have the energy, interest, and bile-free mouth required in going back to Anthro, and it's a relief. I haven't been to my home store in Del Amo in over 3 months. THREE MONTHS. THAT'S not right, friends.

Anyway, their new gorgeous sunny-hued displays (new? or just new to me, not clear) are so femininely beautiful and remind me of a rosy-tinted quilt I made one day 6 years ago (when I was suddenly just sick and tired of the daily grind and HAD TO call in...sick).

Like most, I am grateful to be employed in this economy, but sometimes the complete LACK of creative thought in daily work life makes me want to screech and flail wildly into the numbing quiet.

Everytime I see that quilt, I smile and think back to that rebellious but necessary gesture of "I WILL do something creative!! Even if I have to act sick tomorrow to continue the charade.*sniffle*"

The bedroom at Del Amo also had this great vintage sewing machine mid-stitch, as if to say, the Anthrowoman ain't afraid of the occasional rough hem, it that weren't already clear.

I even ventured into the sale room to try on some belly-friendly tops, i.e.

1. highly breathable, non-restrictive materials
2. machine-washable
3. long front edge to cover burgeoning bump and to NOT reveal my embarrasingly hairy belly button.

I loved several of the Porridge t-shirts when they came out a few months ago. Finally, going on sale! I adore the print on this one, and thought it very clever that they included beet seeds. So stinkin' cute, right?

However, the fabric was really not that soft and I thought the print would be only appropriate for non-work, casual events, so had to leave it behind.

Velvet's Soft Edges Tee is only 19.99 and the fabric is so soft and comfy. Only problem is that it's quite sheer, but I thought it would be great for layering.

Also, the front edge seems long enough to hide the navel and not scare the neighborhood children.

I also liked the edging around the neck. But let's face it. I was most excited about the price. Only M and up available online. Boo.

Oh, Moth. You know how to make a cute sweater even more irresistible (um, the solid green lining of the pockets, peeking out under the stripes, duh!).

Case in point, this Four Petals Cardigan, $49.99 which is FINALLY on sale, sheesh! After months! Months, I say! of stalking.

I was somewhat underwhelmed by the look of this cardigan on me, and thought of how it would be limited in scope, in my wardrobe. Reluctantly had to return it to the sale rack. So, if anyone wants a small, it's still there, I'm assuming (I saw a M, too).

Anyway, I love finding Anthroware is so versatile--perfect for maternity, weight gain, or an extra-large lunch. Anyone else finding that to be true?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Prada and the Triumphant Return

Happy Weekend, Anthrophiles! I finally mustered up the courage and anti-nausea medication to return to Anthro with trembling brow and pounding heart.

Ever since the 2nd trimester began a few weeks ago, I've felt better and better. Thank you for all your kind encouragement, especially you moms out there who went through the same wonderland/horror show. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Confounding our enemies for 2 years

There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.
-- Homer, Odyssey, ninth century B.C.