Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Chris called me "grumpy" this morning. I guess the fatigue and irritability of getting up twice a night to feed Avery is overtaking with my usual sunshine smile. That feeding her, cleaning up her frequent rocket poops, entertaining her, reading to her, bouncing endlessly on a yoga ball to get her to nap, trying to cook dinner while jiggling her in a sling, is catching up with me, along with the chronic pain that I'm getting from holding her all day--she's getting to be a little heifer.

I've been completely enjoying being with her these past almost 3 months, and realize it's a huge luxury to stay home. But there's also the gratification and appreciation that comes from going to work--talking to rational adults who will not burst into tears and screaming (usually) and the tangible reward of a paycheck.

Then again...everytime I think of leaving her at daycare or with a nanny, I almost have an anxiety attack. I am seriously thinking of emigrating to Canada so I can have their 11 months of paid maternity leave. Isn't the US crazy not to have that?

Plus, I am trying to plan his 40th birthday party for this weekend, and obtain the appropriate gifts necessary for a very picky man of his elder statesmanship, who (key item) doesn't think he's picky. I had to bite my tongue last night when he said, specifically, "You know me, I'm not picky."

I literally bit my tongue. Maybe that was gift enough from ol' Grumpy, here. Grumpy needs the gift of a nap and a deep tissue massage. Ooh, and also I think my monthly "friend" is back. That's the LAST thing I need. LAST.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews-Taking Turns Top, Portrait Perfect Tee, Wallflower skirt, Swatch Book Top

Hey kiddies,
      Man, it's been a while since I've done reviews. Mainly because I was either hugely nauseous, fatigued or just huge...with child. And then the child started screaming and was needing to eat every 2 hours. Thank goodness for Grandmas. Not only can she feed Scooter with help from Madela, but she sure has a way with that pacifier.

      Anywho, here are some things I tried on the other day at Anthro (El Segundo) while mom babysat and Avery napped. Oh, and this was before I checked out the BR sale. And swung very quickly but thoroughly through JCrew's sale section. That mall is small but amazing. Also, they have a Pinkberry next door to Anthro. Talk about retail therapy.

      My own original outfit, seen and described here:
Sale items I tried on:
This cardi, the name of which I've forgotten, is still available in xs at El Seg store. It was marked down to $49.95. Sold out online.
This little olive shawl-like sweater was definitely not in my genetically winter color scheme, but since I'm an autumn at heart and have been using lots of bronzer lately to help out that effort, I bought it anyway. Couldn't help it, with the v-shaping in the back which I found both sophisticated and flattering. The combination of those 2 descriptors is always worth 50 bucks.

Yet another awesome sale item that is no longer online. But for anyone who loves comfy skirts with big, plunging pockets, you feel my joy. My joy that was purchased for 20 bucks.

And which now makes me think I should rename my blog Anthrosale. Or Anthrocheapskate. Or AnthroMomWhoHasToSaveUpForCollege.
Ok, on to the full-pricers. This Tracy Reese Wallflower skirt, $128 was a great fabric at first glance. Embroidered (not painted) daisies on a burnt orange lawn. The pleats were fairly wide, and the A-line shape is pretty flattering on most. I would say this is true to size, as I tried on a size 2 and I couldn't quite button the waist, but that could just be my post-pregnancy excess telling me to stop being so optimistic.
The solid band at the top is quite sturdy, and it's lined, which eliminates itchiness--however, it is displayed NOT as solid online, but the same fabric as the rest of the skirt. Picky? Perhaps. But clearly, I need to be thorough in my investigating. Lives and budgets are on the line!

This One September top Swatch Book Top, $98 appeared so vibrantly interesting on the rack. But not on my rack (ha!).
I just found it to be excessively blousy and despite the beautiful tailoring with the fabric blocking, it just wasn't flattering on me. I wish they had done this with a silk or crepe fabric that would have been less stiff than polyester and more clingy and body-conscious. It does have a tie in the back which still does not lend to a successful sillhouette in my opinion.
I'm SURE they are reading my blog as we speak and this issue will be rectified immediately.

Ever wonder what $50 will buy you at Anthro? Apparently a deceptively simple appearing Portrait Perfect t-shirt, by C. Keer.
All business in the front, but party y'all in the back. I really liked the tie above the peek-a-boo cutout, which made up for the boring scoopneck in front (so bored in fact, that I couldn't keep my iphone still when taking the darn picture--or capture the price on the tag--sorry!). Simple, but fun, and also in Navy. I almost dated a guy like that once.

Lil is name of the girl who introduced Chris and me. So I'm game for anything Lil makes. Especially if it contains beef stew and seaweed, as Lil is Korean. Anyway, this Lil Taking Turns top for $68 is intriguing, even though I've sworn off any more stripes for myself this season.

It's so unique and body conscious without being too busybody (although, some would say that our Lil is very much a busybody...Thank goodness, in our case!).

It's only sold in the blue online and is completely sold out except for the XS! I actually prefer the blue, but wasn't opposed to the white. It's so comfortable and up to any occasion. Definitely sale stalk.

Ok, that was a lot about me. How about you guys? How are you? Tried anything on exciting lately? I have been doing some closet purging--or attempting these past few days and am debating whether or not to have a blog sale or just ebay. Any thoughts?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Anthrolife Bloggiversary and OOTD

Addendum: Whoohoo! We hit 100 readers overnight! Welcome aboard, Tonia!

Gentle readers,
     Thank you so much for reading and commenting and supporting my little blog this past year. With your efforts, I will be donating $60 to the American Red Cross to support the tsunami and earthquake relief in Japan. That's right--$60 because 30 of you lovely people commented, and because Chris' company will match my donation. So thank you, all of you. Thank you so much.
     Also, I was noticing that I have 99 followers as of right NOW. There's something poetic about having a 100th follower on the 1 year anniversary. Anyone? (Mom??! MOM! Stop just reading me on the RSS!!!)
     Either way, I appreciate all of you who follow publicly and privately. It's rare nowadays to feel a sense of community in person--the Anthro blog circuit seems to be the equivalent of the communal village of old. Except everyone in this village is quite well dressed and is jonesing for the Snakebite belt.
     Anyway. Arigato (Mr. Roboto) for a wonderful year.

Here's my OOTD while at El Segundo Anthro today (no Connor in sight):
Anthropologie Guinevere Head in the Clouds Cardigan, here on Ebay
Anthropologie Raw Elements top, here on Ebay
Banana Republic Jeans
Shoes, Thailand
Shades, Target
Bangs, chopped and styled by self, at bathroom sink.

Happy weekend, girls!

Shopbop Winner!

Melodramatic drum roll, please...
The winner is Alicia Marie! Come on dowwwwwn! 
i.e. email me within the next 2 days, so I can send you your $100 gift card from Shopbop. Thanks, girls, for entering!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi guys!

     Well, it's a big day here at Anthrolife central control.

     For one thing, Avery and I are bringing the cheese plate to Mommy and Me (wherein the babies just loll around and drool, and the moms gab endlessly with each other because otherwise, we would go crazy without adult interaction).

     Also, my own Mommy is coming in tonight, which means I get to go to Anthro tomorrow.

     Furthermore, tonight we close the Shopbop giveaway, which has been a looong time coming.

     And of course, I am celebrating 1 year of my little blog and am donating to Japan's disaster relief through the American Red Cross.

     Just because Yahoo is now covering the 119 year old woman in Ohio doesn't mean all else is well in the world. Yet.

     So tune in tomorrow for the big results, especially if you entered. Man, I love giveaways (Jojophine is having a $100 Anthro giveaway, btw). Thanks for a great year, girls. You are all so amazing. Really. Thank you for reading.


Psst. Btw, I also love girl scout cookies, and between Chris and I, we've bought 5 boxes--3 of which are thin mints. Just thought i'd share because they're sitting right in front of me...whoopsie daisy...just ate one.

Also thought I'd randomly share where we were 2 years ago--on our honeymoon in Tuscany/Florence, Italy. Since it's been a year that we've (you and I, not me and Chris) known each other. Aaaand because I love LOVE to relive it.

And encourage badger others to go.
Ok, see my finger pointing? We stayed in that hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Watched dolphins jump in the distance. DOLPHINS.
 One of the bridges in Florence, at sunset. Chris took this picture and all the pictures, actually. Isn't he amazing? It's his birthday next week...I've been scheming...It's a big one.
 We went on a bike ride through the Tuscan countryside. It was like Napa valley but even more gorgeous. and Italian. And full of castles where you could survey the general Italian gorgeousness.
 One of the beaches in Cinque Terra. Never been? You MUST. Seriously. Five adorable fishing villages built on the rocks, next to the sea. Charming, rustic, with the best food ever.

And speaking of general Italian gorgeousness, the men all bear a striking resemblance to George Clooney. I am NOT even kidding.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OOTD D'armee Dress

My mom visits me and babysits from time to time. When she does, oh boy. It's all manner of spoilage. Lots of home-cooked meals, Avery getting lots of extra bouncing while being sung to, and me sitting around reading blogs and running to Anthro every other day. She even took these pictures for me (Blurriness is either artistic expression or unfamiliarity with a touchscreen).

That's why both Avery and I look well-fed and happy.
What a great mom.

Dress: D'Armee (bought for 39.99 in store, but still 69.99 online), Anthro--perfect for nursing, btw
Belt: Anthro, circa '09
Tights: Anthro, circa '09
Boots: Franco Sarto
Shades: Target

Xoxo, Mom!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keep Hope Alive

See here for the story. Keep your comments coming for that original post.

Update on Teresa

Thank you so much to all of you for your kind and inspiring comments and emails thus far regarding Teresa and Tokyo. You have all been so wonderful.

She and her hubby have wisely gotten the heck outta dodge--they flew back from Tokyo to the US this morning given the increasing scary escalation of the nuclear threat (with worsening and multiple explosions at the nuclear plants).

Chris should be flying back (safely, I hope!) from China late tonight, and then I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

It is so heartbreaking to see further coverage of the worsening overall situation in Japan. The pictures of the babies and children especially, amidst the wreckage, bring me to tears.

Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Frivolity Aside, Love to Tokyo

     Last week, after Nalynne and her family came to visit, my other sister-in-law, Teresa came to visit, too, from Tokyo. And since she had not been with us earlier, I had to take her to Anthro, as well. She tried on and bought the Sunny Soiree Dress (which looked so fresh and girly on her). She showered Avery with lots of bouncing time on the yoga ball and left way too soon, despite my pleas to stay and be our fulltime nanny (and give up her job as a corporate attorney).

     Yesterday morning, she emailed us saying that she and hubby were fine, despite the aftershocks in Tokyo and having to walk home from work--the subways being shut down. We all heaved a sigh of relief. Then the ongoing news rolling in throughout the day--Hawaii and the Left Coast being warned of possible tsunami activity.

     Chris and I live 1/2 mile from the beach. I literally was on my way to Anthro when I heard about possible deluge coming to Redondo, where we live. Sadly (and likely a sign of real addiction), I didn't take it that seriously, and figured that if the big wave hit, I would rather be at Anthro than at home. So I perused the sale rack before taking Avery home to watch the news.

     I have been glued to CNN and our local news ever since. It's amazing how quickly one's world can turn upside down. Literally. I am so grateful that our family and friends have been safe so far. Chris, ironically is travelling in Asia right now and almost flew to Tokyo for the weekend to visit Teresa and his brother, but thankfully decided not to at the last minute.

     As thankful as I am for my own loved ones, obviously it is no less tragic for those who died or who lost their own near and dear. Life is so precious and short. And unpredictable. I'm reminded to live everyday with gratitude and intention with compassion for others.

      I've been thinking about what to do for my blog's 1 year anniversary, which I'm realizing is so trivial in light of this event. That is not to say that my blog or readers are trivial. You have brought so much encouragement and joy to me this year. I feel so thankful for real encounters with seeming strangers--that become friendly, if not friends. Love of fashion and Anthro is just a medium to connect with others. To share in the experience of being a woman, of being feminine, of being human and real.
     So, I thank you so much for your thoughts and support this year. And I think what I want most to do is to contribute towards the relief effort in Japan and to encourage you, to do so, too.

     Instead of a gift certificate to Anthro, I'm going to donate $1 for every comment per person to this post, from now until 3/24 to Red Cross. That would usually go towards my monthly Anthro budget. Somehow, I just don't feel in the mood to shop right now. I'm sure that will change, but for now and today, let's just do this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shopbop loves Anthrolife!

Hey Anthropals--
     Shopbop e-tapped me on the shoulder and said "Dude, this is the best blog EVER and we would love to sponsor you at the Fashion Olympics so you can quit your day job and just blog about whatever you want and we will pay you in lavish jewelry, Girl Scout Thin Mints, and all things Anthro. Also, your hair smells lovely and my, what a cute baby you have."

     That is what they SAID to me, people.

     Or maybe they just said, "Have a $100 Shopbop reader giveaway?" and I said yes.

     I usually browse Shopbop when I have a free moment in between Lucky magazines (hello, Lucky! call me!) to see what's going on in the non-Anthro realm. Fave part is cruising the Shopbop designer sale where I usually hit up Rag and Bone, and J Brand on sale for their jeans. Nanette Lapore is my personal fave. 
Nanette Lapore on the beat plaid dress, $313
Nanette Lapore, Night Mischief Coat, $291
      Also, when I am back to my pre-baby self, I fully intend to wear a Herve Leger dress to work, particularly this one, striking this exact same pose, and be like, all, "Hey. 'Sup, y'all."

     All delusions aside, if you want to be entered to win a $100 gift card at Shopbop, here's the deal:
For one entry:
1. Be a public follower of Anthrolife.
2. Comment that you are a public follower of Anthrolife and in the comments, tell me your favorite designer.
     Don't include your email--I will announce the winner on the blog.
3. Deadline is March 24, 10 pm Pacific standard time (because that's when I go to bed).

For extra entries:
1. Blog about this giveaway and include a link to the blogpost in your comment (1 extra entry).
2. Tweet about this give giveaway and include link (1 extra entry).
3. Name your favorite Anthrolife posting (1 extra entry)--I know there are SO many good ones. CMU (cracking myself up).

Happy Shopbopping!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More blog giveaways

Hey girls, here's another stroke of bloggie generosity. This time it's from Lauren at Olive & Bleu, for a 50 buckaroo giftcard. 
Lauren is a bonafide designer and art director and her beautiful blog blew me away. I even stalked her design portfolio and was like..yikesies.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthro Anniversaries Abound! Looking back...

Ooh! Ooh! Check out the Bloggiversary Giveaway at In Pursuit of Pretty Things

They're giving away a $100 Anthro gift certificate--whoohoo! It's been a year since they launched their adorable blog. Happy anniversary and many many more!

Which reminds me--it'll be 1 year for my little blog as well, on March 25. This is craaazy to think about, since so much has happened, whirlwind-like, in just a few months.

Check it out:
March 2010: I kick off my blog, with a benign little post about earrings, since I have lots of time to go to Anthro and all this fashion angst to get out of my system.
Unbeknownst to anyone except my mom, Chris and I have been trying unsuccesfully to have a baby for 5 months.
I compensate by taking pictures of myself wearing various outfits with my iphone in Anthro fitting rooms.

April 2010: Still not pregnant, in my mid-30's, continue shopping to alleviate any feelings of insecurity or fear of gulp, infertility.
Blog madly. Throw self into work. Buy Urban Outfitters stock at its height. Bad move.
Watch over the next 10 months with sinking heart as it plummets 40%.

Mid-April 2010: Bingo! The stick turns positive! Gulp. Am gripped with cold fear and joyous excitement in equal parts.

May 2010: Am starting to be exhausted and nauseous. Try to act normal at work, but keep falling asleep or having to invent excuses to run to bathroom to dry heave. Avoid vomiting at Anthro several times--heart swells with pride.Wear LiaMolly Glassflower Cardi to dinner with my bffs, the bachelorettes. Announce to them that I'm preggars--only because they guessed. 
We also move into our new house. I am NOT helpful because of my state of bearing offspring.

June 2010: Still trying to act normal, but am fully immersed in fatigue or nausea. Cannot believe that the human race continues to perpetuate in the face of "morning sickness." Which should be renamed "all-day paralysis." Still pretending to not be pregnant until 10 week mark.
Attend my niece's 1st birthday wearing a Deletta corsage/twirl dress, and manage to not throw up during the barbeque. Appearing unflatteringly pale, but hey--I'm standing upright. That is a BIG accomplishment. 

July 2010: Cannot stand it any longer. Have announced pregnant state to work folks, and announced it on blog, to overwhelming support and kindness from readers. Work less enthusiastic.
Jaunt off to Las Vegas with hubby for whirlwind of activity, with no obvious ill effects. Apparently, Scooter enjoys late-night extravagent dinners, Barry Manilow, and high-rolling at the craps tables.

August 2010: 2nd trimester in full swing, all of a sudden feeling better. Especially after going to Prada-designed Anthro with friends. Discover that Scooter is actually a girl. High pitched shriek heard in next county by cud-chewing cattle.

September 2010: Chris and I took a road trip up North, and spent a delightful several days in Santa Barbara where I found an astonishingly lovely Anthro and tried on several items that displayed the belly prominently.

October 2010: Bumped into Keri Walsh and sobbed in a public place, while she whipped her head around frantically for an escape from the crazy pregnant lady. Good times.
Also turned officially mid-30 on Halloween. Yikes.

November 2010: Swirled around the world, got kicked off a plane for being 28 weeks pregnant, landed in Prague and Budapest, had a ball.

December 2010: Back in Vegas, hugely pregnant, last hurrah. Got dirty looks from everyone at the Craps table, especially after I sevened out. Gorgeous hotel, beautiful, beauteous Anthro.

January 2011: Scooter arrives. World turns upside down. Fall in love. Deeply, deeply in love.

February 2011: Visited Anthro for the first time since Avery was born and did not leak breast milk anywhere. BIG accomplishment, no joke. I did not vomit in Anthro (during my horrible 1st trimester), either. I'm taking this show on the road.

March 2011: We're back to now. It'll be a year on March 25. I've been to Anthro 4 times in the last week. Avery's been there twice. But things will never be the same.

I'm thinking we'll have to do something for my own 1 year bloggiversary. Will caucus with myself and then let you know. Thanks in advance, everyone. It's been a wonderful year.

Monday, March 7, 2011

More Anthro Stalking

     Avery and I met friends today at the beautiful Glendale Americana outdoor mall. It's completely new and modern and trendy in that LA-seen-and-be-seen yuppie way. The weather was gorgeous--warm and clear with a mild sweet-smelling breeze.
     Perfect day to hang out with friends. And then hit an Anthro.

     It was Avery's 2nd Anthro trip. At her 2nd store. She's quite diversified already at the age of 2 months. 
     By the way, who wouldn't want a chandelier of colorful fabrics above their bed? Um, sign me up. Really. Being serious. It was lovely. Although probably a pain in the arse to dust.

     Not to upstage Connor the cutiepie Anthro visual artist, but they had these awesome wall displays made of rope and fabric, which was inspired by crop circles and cloud animals. Who thinks of these things?
     They're gorgeous--especially impressive because they're so huge and yet obviously handmade. Now that I realize that EVERY store has a visual team, I understand and accept that this translates to our gaggingly overpriced clothes.
     The extra $50 I spend on every purchase goes towards supporting Connor. That makes it less painful.
owl? raccoon? rabbit? or just clouds?

      Dude. If only someone could take all the wire hangers off my closet floor and make something this beautiful, I would belt out the Hallelujah chorus.

     Avery thought the displays were so impressive, she clapped. Or at least clasped her hands in a congratulatory position. She was oohed and aahed over by one of the very sweet SA's. After all, she was the youngest Anthrofan there.
     It was a lovely day.