Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anthro in Las Vegas, Live on the Strip

      Viva Las Vegas! Again.
I'm here for the weekend for a conference, and have realized a few things about Vegas.
1. It's not that sleazy nowadays, given all the posh hotels and the high-end shopping.
2. You can be 8 months pregnant and all alone and still enjoy Vegas (I found this out, since Chris couldn't join me for the first day and half).

That is, once you find out that Anthro is within 1 mile of your hotel.

It sits atop the 3rd floor of the Caesar's Forum Shops. Hardly anyone was there, although I did have to elbow someone out of my way in the sale room. It was pretty easy once her walker gave way.

Loved, loved their houseware section.

Especially this lampshade with the peacocks. GORGEOUS. Also came in a navy background, but I found the cream particularly elegant. Pretty bird. Pretty bird.

May have found another reason to keep working. These towels, at least the bath size, are $38 each. But they are beautiful and unique and BELONG in our house. Will find a way, little buddies! Just hang on!

Tried on the Dusk Ruffles Coat, $99. Really liked it, the torso fit, but of course, the post-partum fit is questionable. It's a nice sturdy medium weight fabric, and the ruffles aren't too obnoxious. They're quite sedate.
Not like some exuberant ones I've seen in Bebe's windows--ones that clamor for immediate notice of one's ample and perky bosom (that is, if one is in possession of such a thing).

This store had a nicely displayed accessory wall. Love the wallets and coin purses this season.

And these lettered boxes are even more appealing than the candles they hold (which I found a bit hohum). I almost bought one just for the box. SO CUTE.
I found the hotel that we stayed at (the Encore) to be just really elegant/sexy. Lots of vibrant colors--red, black, green. Tons of mosaics of flowers, butterflies, and other garden type items.

This flower arrangement with the orchids and roses took my breath away. Just before that meanie blackjack dealer took our mortgage away. Guess they have to pay the florist somehow.

 My favorite part of our suite--the houndstooth wallpaper. And the EIGHT DOLLAR water bottle. Gulp. I drank that entire sucker down.

Two Chanel stores. in a half mile radius. Insane? Yes. Beauteous? For sure.

MJ has a store there, too. I love the combo of the shorts and the casual shirt. 'Course, the blond fro takes the prize.
Does anyone else LOVE Vegas shopping?


  1. Great post!
    Pretty bird indeed - perhaps we could name him Petey!
    Haven't made it to Vegas yet but looking forward to seeing the excess everywhere.
    Those towels are gorgeous, I bet they'd last and wash well too.
    Did you get the coat? I hope ruffles stay in style for a while, hell I'll keep wearing 'em even if they don't!

  2. I took a pic of that exact bouquet at Encore.