Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friendly Correspondence from Anthro vs. Sure Sign of Sickness?

Please, please tell me I'm not the only one to receive this box in the mail.

Have I reached that point of excessive consumerism? Tripped Anthro's "here's a sucker" alarm with my nonstop shopping?

Or just achieved well-deserved recognition, a swift nod, from Anthro's cool girls. You know, like the first time the cool crowd in high school notices that you too, lowly freshman, live and breathe.

I was so surprised at this complementary gift (i.e. something that I didn't order from the website), I dropped the whole box on the floor. Then swiftly dumped all the paper shreddings back in. What a mess.

I'm a little puzzled at the bracelet (or bracelet-shaped paperweight).

First of all, it's huge. Like, slips easily off the wrist and falls repeatedly into the sink whenever you wash your hands, huge.

Second, it's not particularly attractive. Unless you're into wearing something resembling Maya Lin's Vietnam War memorial in DC. Which I found beautiful and moving. But only because I wasn't wearing it on my wrist.

Third, maybe it's just because I'm not artistic enough to appreciate someone's brainstorming of alphabetically-organized craft-related words, like random neural firings in a Michael's.

The main gist is that Anthro is pushing their new Accesory/Jewelry store in Chevy Chase, MD.  
Ok, so did you get one too? What do you think? Maybe if anyone is interested, I'll make this a giveaway. Unless I find out that I can return this in exchange for a Babergh dress. Done!


  1. Shelia, I got mine last night and glad to hear I am not the only that think... well... hum.... but it's always nice to feel special.

  2. Haha, Pascale! Thanks for your comment. Man, if they're going to put out all that effort to send these, just make them PRETTY for goodness sakes!