Tuesday, August 9, 2011

URBN lock and stock and smoking barrel

I'm proud to say that I had the guts to buy me some Anthro stock yesterday at 26.50 on that wild, wacko day of flailing Nasdeq and gritted teeth.

'Course that means that I'm up just today already--by a  full Dalian, but overall it still means that I am down an entire Tangerine Flicker.

Better than before, though--when I was off by a whole Finn Rocker...

I'll say this for myself--all flaws aside, I do put my money where my other money is...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

OOTD and Gardens

A happy and lazy and summery Sunday afternoon to you!
Despite our collective brown thumbs, Chris and I have managed not to kill anything in our garden...yet. In fact, we have found that we have enough roses and other flowers around for a little nosegay to grace our kitchen table every few days.
It brightens up the room and brings the outdoors in. By the outdoors, I mean fruitflies and worsening allergies. But lovely nonetheless.
 In other news, I almost burned down our kitchen again (there was the incident of the burning french fries in the toaster oven of 2011).
 Methought I smelt burning plastic (which occurs often, just usually when I'm cooking), and I looked everywhere I could think of. Then, I opened up the dishwasher and found the remains of one noble Tupperware lid.
RIP, little lid. You will be missed.

 Some outfits lately for bumming around the house, garden, and Target runs:
On me:
Anthro Deletta Twisted tee
Anna Sui for Target skirt

On Pumpkinhead:
Crocheted dress, c/o Bobo
BabyGap sweater

 We went all the way out to Huntington Gardens this week with our friends! They are famous for their massive, gorgeous rose gardens which was lovely beyond belief. Just rows and rows of meticulously and lovely tended roses of every color and hue imaginable.
 Inspired me to have my own little garden spruced up. Which meant more work for Chris, of course--I was too busy--that Project Runway ain't gonna watch itself. jk, honey! smooches!

 We went to our favorite brunch joint, where I ordered blueberry pancakes with fruit, extra whip. Like any self-involved blogger (synonymous? redundant?), I took a picture so you could act interested.

 Self portrait: Still life with Heinz.

 But oh! the dress. I finally fit it again. I had bought it, saved it, couldn't squeeze it on during pregnancy, and unearthed it the other day. The color is to die for, and it just makes me feel a kindship to Jackie O I didn't think possible. 

Anthro aviators
Anthro necklace circa '09 (see below)
Anthro Lil dress circa '09
Anthro Lemon stick wedges, sold out online

Loved the bow in the back, btw. Hope you are all loving the last of the weekend!