Tuesday, August 9, 2011

URBN lock and stock and smoking barrel

I'm proud to say that I had the guts to buy me some Anthro stock yesterday at 26.50 on that wild, wacko day of flailing Nasdeq and gritted teeth.

'Course that means that I'm up just today already--by a  full Dalian, but overall it still means that I am down an entire Tangerine Flicker.

Better than before, though--when I was off by a whole Finn Rocker...

I'll say this for myself--all flaws aside, I do put my money where my other money is...


  1. Funny! but you would've been better off buying an Index Fund because overall the market faired better than your stock pick.

  2. yes, i can't say i bought the stock for anything but sentimental reasons! which is a bad reason to buy stocks. :)

  3. But it's a good excuse to go shopping at Anthro now, since you'll be helping out your stock pick ;-)

  4. I admire you. I have very conservative stocks only.