Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back to the Santa Monica Flagship Store, for the 2nd time in a week. Pathetic? Perhaps.

But totally enjoyable. What better way to spend an afternoon with a dear friend (I'm talking about Jenny, but also applies to Anthro. Sadly). Especially if she helps you take pictures in the dressing room. Later on, that is. I realize that's me immediately below, taking my own picture.

Ooh, mama. This skirt is gorgeous in a classic, sexy-Pepper Potts, DROP-DEAD way. Gold embroidery! of these fans of flowers! on a navy background. It's slimming, I suspect even if I could have found a size 2. The 4 was the smallest one available. Still fits, but roomy. LOVE this skirt. NEED to sale-stalk.

And check out these buttons! and the piping! Amazing.

It goes well with the Liamolly Glassflower Cardi--the last one I saw at SM, size xs. If you're lookin'.

I also tried on the
I'm trying to be open to this style of colored sequins on black/white stripes. I wasn't really crazy about it--mainly because it felt inadequately fitted? And widening? Not a huge fan, but I did like the ribbon that wraps around the neck.  

I've been eying this Pure & Good wrap for the last few weeks. It just striked me as SO very cozy and perfectly drapey. Like the first thing you'd want to wrap yourself with on a Sunday morning, and putter around the house. 

Well, it was all those things. As well as pure. And good.


I didn't have the highest opinion of the dress when I first tried it on in a size 2, last time. I thought it pouched it out too much, but after looking at the image again online, I decided to try it in a bigger size. I guess this is more of the blousy look it's supposed to have? So it could be marketed as "romantic" or something. Yet, I still wish it were more fitted. I would LOVE to like this dress. Oh well. Saves me some Anthro-bucks, at least.

I've seen a few bloggers try this dress on in the blue, but didn't realize it was available in orange/green. The actual color is quite neon. The belt is silky and has elastic in the back. It's not my favorite color palette, but I found it interesting. 

I tried on the size 4, which fit pretty comfortable. I love the pockets, of course.

Ooh, am not crazy about this tie in the back. Wish they had just left well enough alone.

Then, HAD to try on the blue, I mean--it would have been RUDE NOT TO. They only had the size 2. I could hardly breathe. I would size up if you have to choose. It's very clear why they only have the blue on the website, and only what seems to be a limited amount of orange.

This color scheme is so much more attractive! I LOVE this blue--bright, vibrant. Without being obnoxious.

Here's Jen and me, just like the old days. She has the best legs in the world. Only improved with tennis, ellipticals, running for miles, and standing all day. She's also good at generally kicking a little tail.

Also, am so fiending for these Coach espadrilles. FIEND!!

Anyone else fiending something for Tuesday? Anyone but me trying to take a VERY early lunch that day?


  1. Ooh, I have to say the Feliciana looks so stunning on you, even if you dont' like it. It shows off your awesome shoulders!
    I agree with the "leave well enough alone" comment on the bow on the Graphical Dress - excessive! Especially as I expect a dress with that name to be a bit streamlined. The blue does look *really* good on you though :)
    And loooove that Fennel Flower Skirt. Must be mine someday too!
    Anyway, wonderful reviews, thank you!

  2. you might not think the color palette looked good on you, but i'm TELLING YOU, the graphical dress amazed me. i LOVED It on you. GET IT!!!!!
    oh, i loved it.

  3. You are a reviewing machine!! I love it!! That wrap cardi looks so comfy and cozy. I want to wake up to it. I'm not in love with that tie in the back of the graphical dress, but it looks amazing on you in both colors!!