Saturday, May 1, 2010

let's all go to india!

Let's be clear--I do like the clothes in the new may catalog, but even more impressively magnificent is the setting where the new items were shot.

Have you ever seen anything more intricate, mysterious, colorful, vibrant and awesome than India?

I am in AWE. If Anthro ever decides to start selling the door in this below photo, I will be FIRST in line. 'Course, I'm not sure if they can sell actual historical artifacts of India.

If in fact they can, or if this is just the door to some abandoned foreclosed home, I will camp out overnight in a line that wraps around the block and sings old Madonna jams long after 3 am.

btw, end table about 200, coffee table about 400 bucks. 

This sitting hammock completely charms, reminiscent of a beautiful woven spiderweb.

And who doesn't want strings of marygolds strewn across their path like a welcoming citrus path?
I certainly do. Hubby needs to make note of that, ok? great, thanks.

ps. knotted melati hanging chair 500 bux, ocean's offerings rug, 600. 

If ever a ceiling could be tastefully lined in bright but tasteful colors, this would be it.

Also, would love to take some of these pillars home over the weekend and just insert them neatly under our living room ceiling. They are incomparable.  

Umm, so breathtaking. Which to look at first? The chandeliers? The amazing scalloping of the doorways? or the utterly gorgeous curly design (carved?) echoed in the second layer?

Turtle paradise hammock ($98) and Diving sea turtle pillow ($78).

How great is the multi-colored lining of the shelves along and above the bed? It adds so much depth and interest to the room. 

Not to mention you wake up and suddenly you're in a flowery gray/yellow haven.

This Distant Voyage Quilt (200 bucks, plus or minus depending on size) is so vibrant! How many colors are collected on this quilty? and still just stunning. Can't wait to see it up close in the store.

I love this quilt--and quilts in general.

Ok. I also loved the Anthro From-the-Waves shower curtain, $118. The colors, the tree motif, all feel like you've come in from a refreshing dip in the ocean. The tree coral towel, $18 also fabulous. You can almost smell the sea breeze.

Just a little what-if scenario: Anthro offering an international tour of places they have shopped for their wares? And where they've photographed their catalogues? How many people would be interested?

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