Thursday, May 13, 2010

MONDO Mothership Anthro Crawl, Part Deux

On the way up to the flagship Anthro store in Santa Monica yesterday, I spotted this perfect moment in billboard transformation.

So funny, because at a glance, I thought that they were using "date night" to describe Sex in the City 2--since I (along with my close girlfriends, otherwise known as the bachelorette crew) have already made it a date to see the movie opening week.

(Sidenote: NO ONE. SJP included can really pull off a turban, sparkly or otherwise. Sorry, I'm just keeping it real.)

These are the friends that I watched season after season of SATC with--while we lived together, shopped together, went clubbing week after week, and talked about the guys, of course--Mr. Big? Aiden? and some monsters in between. Now 2 of us are married, the other 2 are heavily committed, and we're all settling down happily--Charlotte-style.

Everytime I see the SATC trailor/commerical/billboard, it brings back great memories of those days. What would we do without our girlfriends?

Then I saw the poster on the side of the Santa Monica bus. Destiny? Excessive marketing? Whatever it is, can't wait til 5/27, girls!

Well, here are the rest of the fitting room reviews from my descent upon Anthro's flagship store in SM. I got completely lost in their GINORMOUS sale room. So some of these are oldies but goodies. 

I know it's been out a while, and it's sold out on the website, but the Aniseed skirt looks so interesting on other bloggers, so I thought I'd whip it on for size. Thanks to Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie, I saw there is a $40ish knockoff at Modcloth, which is a great option. This skirt is so graphic and architectural--it definitely perks up any outfit.

I wore a 2, which is small for me. Maybe a sale-stalk? Cute, but I wasn't dying over it, so not super committed either way.

Oh, Laura Moffat's Crimson Bubbles skirt (if anyone wants this in a size 6)! I have been stalking this one for months. Months, I say! I just love the fabric so much.

However, I couldn't really see myself wearing that skirt more than once or twice a year--likely Chinese New Year and maybe a very vivid Cinco De Mayo moment. And after trying it on every few weeks ever since December, I'd given up on it. It was just a bit nostalgic to try it on again.

Combined with Helene Florence's Obi top, I thought this was a nice combo. Apparently, Florence is one of the New Orleans designers Anthro picked up last year, in a talented designer sweep. Good for her! I loved the embroidery and despite a small rip in the side, placed it happily in the "Conquered" pile.

Btw, got 20% discout for the rip. Yeah, baby. A few moments (while watching How I Met Your Mother) with my sewing kit, and we'll be all good.

Um, yeah. The crossed back. It's stinkin' AWEsome. You might say it's LEGEN (wait for it...) DARY!

Ok, so I totally thought about Kim of Anthroholic when I tried on this Tracy Reese number, especially with the mint cardi. These colors would be right up her alley. The mint/nude shades, the lace, the dreamy, ethereal feel.

This is the Pictureshow dress, from the Frock! collection.

It's very girly, as you see. A little boxy on me, so I size down to the 2. It's probably the most overtly feminine thing I've ever worn--it even makes my wedding gown look butch. 

Because of that--the intrinsic frilly nature, I would have to pass. Also because the cups remind me of a gently aging Madonna. And as much as I love Madge, I can't be dressing like her.

I can't for the life of me, remember what this mint, gold-trimmed cardi is called. I've noticed it for a while, but never thought it had a place in my closet. I would still agree with myself (I usually do), but do like how the pairing of these colors mixes. Maybe Kim is onto something, after all.

I have yet to see someone actually try this bathrobe-esque number on. I'm wearing an xs, and I seem to be swimming in it. But that seems to be the intent of the designer, judging by how blousy it is on the catalog model.

The fabric is uber soft--if this dress weren't so pricey, I might just wear this around the house on Sunday mornings, while I watch all my tivo'd Glee and How I Met Your Mother episodes. Ha! Take THAT, Anthro! (Not quite sure what I'm gloating at, actually)

Ok, well, last but not least, I was inspired by Dea to try on this dress. She had been in a bit of a slump, and this dress, with its light-hearted print and light-handed price tag lifted her spirits. Of course, Dea always looks ready for the runway.

I have been known to gawk enviously through her blog. First, because she's always so fresh and stunning. Second, because I would gladly thumb-wrestle her for her shoe collection. It's AMAZING. Seriously. Has anyone just looked at this woman's shoes?? Every pair a gem, every gem a hit. So jealous!! Argh! (Hi Dea!)

Anywho, I liked the dress on her, not at all on me. It reminded me suddenly of what I would look like if I were perpetually pregnant and living in a small town in Hawaii. Which, hey--that's a fantasy of mine (not the perpetually pregnant, just the Hawaii), but I don't want to look the part yet.

Oh well. Love the pockets, of course.

Chris and I are moving soon, and that means after a LIFETIME of LOVING dogs and yet not having one, I will be able to get a dog!! It is a dream. COME TRUE.

Check out these little killers who were sitting outside the Apple store on 3rd street. Aren't they adorable? So (tongue loll, pant, pant, pant) stinkin' (tail wag, wag, wag) hilarious! Ruff!!


  1. Awww, Shelia, thanks so much for all the love!! You're right on that the dress significantly lifted my spirits and sorry it didn't work on you, although, the image of you perpetually pregnant in Hawaii did make me laugh. And you didn't mention barefoot and pregnant!!
    Hehe, as for the shoe collection- welcome to it, as long as you can fit into a 8.5/9 !!

  2. DEA--Perfect! I knew it was fate! I am a size 8/8.5 but can have a multi-toe transplant easily if it means I have access to your awesome shoes.
    Cheers! and Aloha!! :)