Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sale day! addendum: name it and claim it!

Hooray! the Corsage Twirl dress is on sale!! And so is the Glassflower Cardi. So excited!! (written at 7:30 am)

Addendum (written at 5:45 pm):
As with all good intentioned starts, I fully expected to get to Anthro early this am, but as the day dragged on at work, and I realized I was running behind schedule, I got more and more anxious.

Finally, I hurried to the mall, and on my way in from the parking lot, spotted quite a few groups of women with the familiar Anthro white rectangular bag, with red handle. I started to worry a little that all the best sale items would be gone!

Oh, the disaster awaiting!!

Ironically, the Lia Molly Glasssflower cardi had never even been sold at my home store, so I was astounded and quite ecstatic when I spotted one that had been a return (perhaps from Ofelia?) and I SNATCHED it and held it for a moment in my trembling hands.

Sadly, they were out of the Deletta Corsage Twirl in xs, but were kind enough to put me through to the nice Anthro phone sales reps, who were promptly helpful and then I don't have to pay for shipping or the gas it takes to drive to 4 other Anthro stores. Hooray!


  1. The cardi is cute- and one of those Anthro pieces that is so unique that it could either really work or really not. I think you can make it work!!

  2. thanks, DEA--i just got back from anthro, and have the cardi in my hot little hands! will post soon. LOVE the colors.

  3. sale day is exciting!