Sunday, May 23, 2010

Irregular price on Irregular choice shoes

Hi there, friends!

Is everyone savoring the last few warm drops of a glorious golden weekend? Sure hope so. Before that Sunday night pre-work dread sweeps over and knocks us over into a state of learned helplessness and nausea.

Anywho! Nalynne, alert shopper that she is, said this when she was online shopping today,

"i liked these shoes on anthro's website,

and after zooming in i saw the brand was irregular choice, so a quick google search yielded this:

from the brand website for almost 30 bones less! wow!"

So, $158 on Anthro vs. $130 on the actual website for the Tribecca treat. 

Wow, indeed. Sure pays to shop around, doesn't it, girls? Anthro, c'mon. Just placing the item on your shelves shouldn't be cause for a 20% mark up! Boooo...

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