Monday, May 24, 2010

Germany helps out Greece again--and other floral arrangements

Some items are so fresh and flowery, you have to start batting away the butterflies. This one, however, is also a bit over the top--garish, I would say. And likely to attract the whole darn beehive.
And I know I just said I love the vibrant colors of Cirque du Soleil, just like Dooce, but I don't want to be wearing the entire rainbow. At least not everyday. 
So maybe pass on this one. 
Sure is colorful. And true to size.

Kind of reminds me of the hydrangeas in my complex.
Lovely to look at, as I walk to my car. But maybe not to be enveloped in, all day long.

To the Sun Blouse,

This blouse is very festive--the pattern is birds flying into the sillhouette of the sun (or moon--c'mon, you never know). It's bright, whimsical and simple.

I like the cut, and the fabric was nice, light and comfortable. It tended towards a little matronly, but hey--nothing that a little belt and some hooker heels couldn't hoochie up. 

Floating Fronds Blouse, 78 dollars. Sorry, no link. Blogger is weird.

They had me at navy and yellow embroidery. Obviously an easy pick and irresistible temptation...But not enough to carry the whole top. 

Much like Greece's hopes of sustaining a strong fiscal economy--but still allowing a retirement age of 54. Doesn't waork. Needs to be bailed out and covered over by Germany (Germany of course, played by a beautiful whirl and wind cardigan).

Wouldn't Germany just make all things better? But I bet Germany doesn't want to have to bail Greece out, since Greece wasn't really pulling its weight in the first place. Therefore, we did not go to Greece today. Although, we still like Germany alot.

$59.95 ...was $118.00

Oh, Tracy Reese. The whole floaty, dreamy, romantic top thing is SO overdone. Especially in these perfect whimsical and cheery fabrics that match everything. And are sunny while sophisticated and strike the perfect note for work, play, and afterwards. SNORE!!

Must you do everything right all the time, T-Rex????


  1. So colored-pencil cardigan was a favorite of mine and when I finally saw it at the store, couldn't wait to try it on. So then I did, and like you, thought it was a bit much. Maybe at sale time I'll reconsider....story of my life.
    To the Sun Blouse was really nice as well, and love the concept of pairing it with hooker heels. Fingers crossed they're patent red, 4 inches...

  2. hahaha - but can Germany claim one of the most original fashion statements - the toga?