Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanna Be Anthro Bedding

Hi pals! Well, after visiting my fashionable mother in-law, who got a very Anthro-esque bedroom set, I got to thinking about bedding. 

The classic, signature Anthropologie bedding is
1. Brightly colored
2. Featuring flowers and/birds
3. Brilliant patterns for the shams/pillowcases, which may differ greatly from the comforter
4. Complex machinery stitching, alternating with intricate hand-stitching
5. Some embroidery, and if you're lucky, some beading
6. The occasional fluffy poufs.

Right? Well, Macy's Style and Co. has taken note with this Flower Field pattern bedding collection. Check, check, and CHECK. So beautiful! It reminds me of the Indian genre this month, featured by Anthro.

They also sell Tracy Reese's line. Really liked this one.

And this one and wouldn't kick this one off the couch.

Love it! Also, Nalynne, can you favor us with a picture of your bed set?

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