Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Madness Anthro Crawl--no sale, BOO!

For the second time this month, Anthro is not having any sale markdowns. Boo! Hiss! 
I was really looking forward to Tuesdays as a sign of favor and fortune. Of a reason to get up after the strain of returning to work Mondays. A frilly, juicy carrot on an otherwise austere stick. 
Well, is it that they hear the hollow echo of our empty piggy banks? And our silent cries for help as we click endlessly from Anthro website...to Hoarder's Anonymous...and back to Anthro again. 
We cannot stop shopping when there are beautiful, rustling, whimsical things to be had! So, I'm relieved this week will be a breather. Or so I thought (cue evil organ music).

Of course, yesterday being Monday, I went to scope things out. 

This is what I wore going in:
See last week's post when I bought
Necklace: Dripping Gems Necklace, Anthro
Cardi: Sparrow Edana Cardi, Anthro
Top: Hourglass Surplice, Anthro
Belt: Target
Pants: Daughters of the Liberation, Anthro
Boots: Franco Sarto

Off-the-Tie-Rack Blouse was found and fawned over. There was only one, and I had to try it on. 

So beautiful with the folding, the draping, the silkiness, the central pleating. It's so unexpected, but just wasn't practical enough to justify buying, although I really wanted to find some reason to. 

The belt is this lovely lemon silk with tiny polka dots. Adorable! Was sad to be leave it behind. I put on the size 4, which was the only one there. Fit great, except could do without the underarm fat, thanks.

This blouse looks so unassuming and Laura Ingalls from the website. 

In person, though, it fits like a well pleated glove, simple navy piping all around the neck, center buttons. It is simply so sweet, I am totally going to sale-stalk it. Fit is perfect, it's true to size. I wore a 2. 

Oh, boy. Moth knows how to make an absolutely perfect cardigan. I ran up and snatched this cardi up whence I saw it across the crowded room.The bright color, ruffling, fit, texture all are fresh, clean, and girly without being too fussy. I loved it! I rocked it! I had to have it! 

The shoulder and back tucking grabbed at my heart-strings and hung on. I don't see any bad angle on this cardigan. Except the financial one. WaaWaa.

This top isn't on the website. I tried it on before in white, and I neglected to get the name then, too. I know, LAME. Well, I will say, it's perfectly tailored and fitted. It is at once simple and elegant. 

I love Navy--definitely looked more expensive than the white. It nips in at the waist and there's the thin waist tie, too. So perfect for a summer night concert or afternoon picnic. About 60 bucks.  

Odille Fargyle Skirt, about 20 bucks!
I just threw these 2 together, and thought they didn't look half bad. 

The Chantico Tank is so great--with intricate draping worthy of a Grecian goddess. Does anybody remember Rami (who lost to Christian Syriano) from last last season's Project Runway?  He would have loved/birthed/envied this top.

I quite enjoyed the skirt, since it was quite snug and fitted, but interesting and graphic enough to pair with solids or prints. 'Course, anything that costs less than a round of drinks at Starbucks, HAS to come home with me. 

Midnight Squall Skirt, from Eva Franco. Only 30 bucks! There was a size 4 (big on me, so runs a little big), and a size 10 at the Redondo Beach Anthro. I left them both there, but MIGHT have hid one of them under the aprons so I could go back for it later. JK! haha. maybe.

Maeve is all over Anthro this season. And this dress at first glance is just so sweetly balanced. That striped belt gives just a jolt of brightness against the field of black and white.  
HOWEVER. I am not partial to polka dots, usually. This dress is so stinkin' cute, though, I would buy is on sale. But for now, no thanks. 


Usually, Anthro's items look better on the body than on the rack. I would say the opposite here. It looked adorable on the wall, the the cute raw edge ruffling, skinny pencil belt. I felt nothing when I put it on. Except maybe some mild contempt. And not even that strong.  So not thanks. 

Especially with the name, Delicate Winds. With my husband's adolescent sense of humor, and love for Mexican food, I would have a hard time buying this one.

This dress is so reminiscent of the Distant Voyage Quilt from this month.  Perfect for a Cancun beach vacation, traipsing through a Bangok night market, or Very Casual Friday At A Job Where You Have Tenure.

Not sure if I LOVED the pattern of this dress, it seems very busy. And even though I'm a busybody, I felt ambivalent about it. BUT, could the sculpting around the bodice be any more perfect? No. No, it couldn't. I wore the size 6, which was a little big, only because they had none in my size. But the shirring and gathering was forgiving enough.

I know others have reviewed this dress, In a Twinkling Dress. Couldn't help it, though. Anything that is flowy, cream with golden stitching, with adorable orange thread in the buttons just floats my boat. However, the fabric is very itchy, like everyone says. So, no thanks. 

But--c'mon! HOW CUTE are those buttons with the orange stitching? THAT'S RIGHT. SO VERY CUTE.


The adorable meter just shot up and broke off the glass top and a siren is shrieking? tinkling? This pastel top has all the makings of perfection. 

At least I think--I had to wear the size 6 because there weren't any smaller. Just the fabric was enough to lull me into a sleepy, happy smile. Almost like a seesucker because of the infinite pin stripes. The colors look like a sweet, toothy confection. 

And the STITCHING! AHH! The yellow stitching around the collar is enough to make you call the customer service desk and beg for mercy. Mercy meaning a size 2. Shipped immediately. Packed with a hundred lollipops. And at half price, please? Thanks, Anthro--cheers.

Whoo! Well, we're winding down. I'm getting a little tired! But not half as tired as my fave Anthro SA who always happens to spot me and my 15 outfits I snatch off the shelves, and makes 2-3, maybe 5 trips to the dressing room with a big smile on her face. Doesn't she hate me by now? You would think. But she keeps on truckin.' Thanks, girlfriend!
Was quite fascinated by the amount of detail going on with the neck. I mean, it's like the designers were brilliant and/or ADD and kept adding little knick knacks, like "We can't possibly do without the pink foldies on the top! Whoopsies, I think only the right third will get THAT." 
Well, as Kelly Clarkson would say, it's a beautiful disaster. And really not a disaster. But it will probably keep you mesmerized for hours if you're on hold with the Anthro Customer Service, trying to find it in your size.
This little number, wasn't available in xs, which probably would have been perfect. I try not to reveal a large part of my armpit, as it seems to drive the men to distraction. 
Did anybody like anything new this week? Any great try-ons?


  1. You're dangerous for me because now I think I want everything you tried on. Haha...Thanks for all the reviews! I've been waiting to see the conservatory blouse on someone. It's one of my new faves, and it looks amazing on you!!

  2. Wow, you tried on so MANY things, and I really admire your patience to not only go through them all but to take pics as well. This is why I leave my camera at me when going shopping!
    Loved the off-the-tie blouse on you and it looks sexy!! Also a fan of the polka-peppered dress and tried it myself this weekend. Was torn between the 0 and 2- the 0 was great but a wee bit tight and the 2 sat loose on the ladies up top. I agree with you that come sale time, it should be good to go!

  3. Hi Cat--Isn't it so cute? It looks so much better in person than on the site. I quite enjoy your blog, btw.

    Hey Dea! Yeah, aren't those pieces great? I will have to COMPLETE the rest of the fitting room reviews!! I did a bunch more and still have to post them. Those SA's must hate me.