Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Subtle Much?

Too bad there are no visible signs there was a SALE today, otherwise, I would have gone to ANTHRO...OH wait! THERE it is!

So bizarre, right? With the flapping plastic sign in RED!? C'mon, Anthro, at least make it embroidered...

Well, during my visit to the 2nd store (first Del Amo, then El Segundo), I met the most adorable SA! This is Eric. He was so impeccable--even though the lighting was not. Not a single hair out of place. He was sporting a SCARF that tied the purple and aqua together and drew out the clear marine of his eyes. The lighting did not do him justice.

What a cutie!!

Well, with me married and him 1) having excellent style sense 2) posing knee jutted out and 3) working at an Anthro, I think it's safe to say I'm barking up the wrong tree. crush?! 
Loved him.

His partner in crime had this adorable vintage RL riding jacket on. Check out the elbow patches. She was very Connecticut Old Money looking. Totally neglected to get her name since I was so SMITTEN with Eric.

Sorry, bad lighting again! C'mon, Anthro, don't you realize I'm counting on you?

Anyway, I tried on one little item at store 1. Not impressed by this top, but there were millions available. What was really special about it, was how it seemed to accentuate the muffintop with its myriad of ruffles, gathers and stitching, RIGHT THERE.

Tried to capture the magic at the top, but Mr. Iphone is kind of in the way. Believe me, save your 30 bucks for a good belt. THAT's my new motto.

Whew! Well, after all that excitement, I have to scurry on to work. Chris and I are moving, so I was not allowed to buy any of the housewares that are so temptingly marked down!! BUMMED OUT.

I did sneak in a few items. Will show later. Shhhh! Housewares, anyone else?


  1. LOVE love love your blog- can't wait to devour it's entire contents. Just skimmed it over the past 10 minutes - hilarious, knee slappin funny and just absolutely perfect. what a gem of a blog. can't wait to follow your anthro reviews with you! G

  2. Thanks Grace! What lavish heartwarming praise. So glad you found my blog--and now my burgeoning ego!