Saturday, May 8, 2010

OOTD and a night with the bachelorettes

My close girlfriends, from waaay back, and I got together for dinner the other night at the best Thai restaurant in non-Hollywood, LA. Samunluong in Pomona is our frequent hang--out.

Amazing food, fast service, cheap prices. It's the triple threat--therefore, irresistible to Asians.
We try to meet about once a quarter for what we call a Hump Dinner--that refers to our "Dry Hump in the Suberbs" meetings. Yes, that's right--I said "Dry Hump."

This unsavory term evolved, as we considered ourselves the lighter, more innocent version of "Sex in the City" (our favorite show to watch together when we lived in a rickety old house many years ago, across from a literal crack den full of friendly children).
That is a story for another time.  But just so you know, I'm Carrie. Plus Charlotte. But agewise, I'm the Samantha. :(

Kat had the fab outfit of the night--a little number she picked up on Melrose for 10 bucks! She was working it like a full-time job. Go Kat!!

She was very excited about it, as you can see.

Loving my new iphone app--the hipstamatic~it makes everything look 30 years older. Except the people, that is. Very retro-vibe!

Kimi, Kat

Me and Rita.

Here, in the Glassflower Cardi, my Anthro necklace, Hourglass Surplice, some Rock and Republic Jeans and my Anthro forehead braids, to emphasize my loyalty to Anthro. If it weren't already clear. 
I'm loving both new purchases. The Cardi is amazingly soft and beautifully built.
The colors are so unique, retro, yet subdued enough to wear anywhere.

The Hourglass Surplice is the next thing to a second skin. Soft, molding, light. Good thing it doesn't shed or grow small moles.

This is what I wore to work a few days ago. I have been desperately seeking a good cardigan, so finally stumbled upon the Merona ones at Target in various colors. Snatched up a yellow and green.

They're small cable knit, 3/4 sleeve (not my favorite, but I'm learning the benefits), and fall around the hip.

Cardigan: Target, Merona about $22
Top: F21
Belt: F21
Cords: JCrew
Necklace: Anthro

Anybody have fashionable friends that they hang out with? Who is the most fashionable friend you know?


  1. Aww, so nice that you were able to hang out with your fashionable friends. I wish mine were closer, but you know, since you asked and all, I'm probably the most fashion-conscious of my ladies, and they let me know it!!
    I'm loving your Anthro necklace so much!

  2. Dea--after checking your blog, I am SURE you're the most fashionable of your friends and an inspiration to all who see you!
    Re: my Anthro necklace, I think it was one of the early jewelry splurges, and I've never looked back. Did you pick up any new jewelry at this last sale?