Monday, May 3, 2010


We spent the weekend with family and friends. Chris (hubby) is from Michigan, and so we flew back there for a few days. I'm blown away by how beautiful and green it was--and how good-natured and friendly the people of the midwest are.

On day 3, Nalynne wore this great grey Anthro top--the name of which escapes both of us. I tried to find it last night in the last 4 catalogs, but to no avail. 
I do know she's wearing a Moth sweater though, which I have and love in grey in another post.

Michael, Chris' brother, was kind enough to let me borrow his fancy camera to imitate a "real" photographer. 'Course, that means that the pictures of me (by Chris) taking a picture of her are with my little iphone--which, don't look all that bad, right?

Maybe I should have brushed my hair that day. Whoopsies. 

Nalynne: Anthro top, grey
Moth sweater, '09
her own Jeans

Me: Lucky Penny purse, Anthro, '09
Leather Jacket, I love S and K
Daughter of Liberation grey pants

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