Sunday, August 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Being a good blogger is apparently out of my range. Obviously.
Mostly because it requires consistent discipline and determination to write and record, even when the nice, flattering comments aren't flowing. And when I haven't been to Anthro in 2 months. Mainly because I have a 2.5 year old. Also, I had another baby 3 weeks ago, by the by.

 Camden, 2 minutes old. Not thrilled with her eviction from what I can only imagine was a warm, cuddly place well fueled with chocolate Magnum ice cream bars. I ate them every night FOR YOU, KID.
 Me, sans makeup and sleep and most notably, sans heavy pressure in my groin. And aha! a small furry child has magically appeared and is making her way to my neck! Chris is thrilled that she isn't colicky--meaning, no manical screaming for 4 hours/day! Hoorah!
 Avery, is a wonderful big sister. She has remarkable curiosity and even better self-control. Mostly because we haven't allowed her to touch anything but baby sister's neck and feet (she had an unfortunate case of pink eye when we came back from the hospital, so trying hard not to spread to baby...and then back to toddler and then back and forth again)!
Me and baby, selfie--donning a very Anti-Anthro bathrobe--the print itself is shabby chic circa 1980, might have borrowed it from my grandma, don't remember. But the perfect thing indeed to unsteadily traipse around the hospital room in, hopped up on painkillers and barely propped on my swollen cankles.

Welcome, Baby Cami! You are so sweet and cuddly and easily portable. And your presence has prevented me from letting an entire YEAR go by without blogging! Love you so much, already.