Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OOTD Deletta Corsage Twirl Dress and Nearly Gossamer Cardi

Hi friends,
      Chris and I took a road trip up to the Bay Area this past weekend, along with our good friends, Mark and Deb. It was my niece's 1st birthday party, and it was a beautiful day and great party--only slightly less elaborate than my wedding.

      'Course, it was sweltering hot and I've been saving my Deletta for a warm weather special occasion. Well, it was perfect.
      For starters, the fabric is lightweight and very soft. I was quite comfortable all day, despite the heat, eating way too much potato salad, and the calisthenics that go along with hugging dozens of relatives.

     Also, the color of the dress is so neutral and forgiving, especially for klutzes like me--it didn't matter that I spilled a full tangerine Izzi all over my lap. Can't tell, can you!

     I still love the corsage part of the dress. I find it understated but festive. BTW, Chris took these pictures, and I would also like to give him credit for doing my hair that morning. I've been getting a bit neglectful lately (not just in my blog), and nothing says "I'm a good husband" like assisting in a spouse's most basic hygeine.

     The Nearly Gossamer Cardi (I bought both the oatmeal and brown colors) are light, shapely, and well--maybe a little matronly. I had tried them on in the store, and then pounced online when they went on sale. By the time they were mailed to me, I had lost some of my enthusiasm.
     Good for layering, I guess I'm just not nuts about the fit. Again, Chris took the pic--when he takes too long, I tend to do the pensive-look-away-tight-lip thing. Sorry.

Anyone else loving the weather and new summer dresses?


  1. I've definitely been enjoying the summer skirts and dresses! It's been about 95 with 1,000,000% humidity here in NC for a few weeks now, so I'd love for it to cool off just a bit :)
    That dress looks great on you!!

  2. I love the dress and layerable sweater. With other outfits you can add a belt over the sweater!:)

  3. I like the dress on you and good to know that it absorbs well!! I know what you mean about the cardi- at first I was really drawn to it, but for me it doesn't give much shape. Yet the bunching in the middle, kinda cute!