Thursday, July 1, 2010


While Nalynne and company were here a few weeks ago, we took several trips to Home Depot to check out their shop-vac/Weber grill/garden shovel selections.

Nalynne spotted these lovely plants in their garden section, simply labeled as "Tropicals from Around the World" that she recognized from her home Anthro in Columbus, Ohio.

Sure enough, when we went to the Santa Monica Anthro, they also had these lovely parsley-like fronds, gracing their tables, amongst Jane Austen books and Splendid tees.

She bought us 2 of them--found some great dark espresso-colored pots at Target, and they've been brightening up our Dining and Kitchen areas ever since.

My favorite aspect of these plants is that they're so delicate-appearing. Yet seem to be hardy enough to be watered only every 3-4 days. Or whenever we happen to remember.

I think they were about 7-8 dollars at Home Depot. Great deal for such a big impact, no?


  1. I love these ferns, too! i have 2 and have been experimenting with 1 outside and 1 inside for the past several months-- they need to be moist and watered pretty routinely & I have almost killed em both. So flowy and airy- fitting that Anthro would have them too.

  2. oops- sorry i cut off the previous post early but wanted to wish you a great Vegas trip!