Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Sartorialist Winner! and some OOTD

Thank you to all who entered our little giveaway, and a hearty post-turkey congratulations to Maureen, our triumphant winner!

So glad to share one of my favorite books with you, Maureen!

Also, a big shout-out particularly to Lori, Angela, Kate and Jadan--your comments cracked me up.

And of course, Dea of DeaDiaries, whom I have been commenting/blog buddies with for months (which is like forever, since blog years are like dog years).

Oh, and I'm so glad and flattered to have goldenmeans on board, since I really enjoy her prolific blog as well! 

Anyway, I found it all so fun and in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all of you and for all the blessings in my life. Especially living a life filled with joy and hope and beauty.

Speaking of beauty, Nalynne (my lovely and talented SIL) and I went to the local Anthro in Columbus, OH (IO!) today and had such a great time. Here is the gorgeous outfit N was wearing which attracted some spontaneous compliments from other fashionistas on the streets of Easton mall! Whoohoo!!

What she's wearing:
Anthro Lia Molly's Coin Purse Cardi
Anthro Raccoon Rumpus Top
Anthro Maryam Tank, see here $58
Anthro Three Beacons Belt, see here, $34
Timberland Boots,  similar here for about 160, Timberland Boot company Lucille boot buy here, Anthro's version here called Mount Lafayette boots, both about 300 bucks

The topper was the Frill Force Trench, which is sold out on the website, but a few were still at the Columbus, OH Easton store.

Here is our nanny manny, hard at work in the housewares section at Columbus' Easton Anthro with Nalynne's 2 girls.

I am so grateful to him for being such a great hubby, uncle and (dun dun DUN!) soon-to-be dad. Yikesies.

Happy post-Thanksgiving to us all!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sartorialist Giveaway Ends Tonight

Happy post-Thanksgiving weekend, girls!

Hope everyone had lots of turkey/tofurkey and is happily cuddling with a loved one in front of a roaring fireplace, sipping piping hot cocoa with a well-behaved and loving dog at their feet.

Or just browsing some Anthro-goodies and feeling the warm and fuzzies that THAT provides.

I'm fortunate to have had both--wonderful family and cozy house after a gut-busting delectable meal. And Anthro's website to keep me amused and bemused.

Thanks to all who are already entered in my little giveaway, and "well, come on, then!" to those who haven't.  I think whoever wins will derive lots of inspiration from the street fashion featured in The Sartorialist.

We'll pick a lucky reader tonight, midway between shoving down cupcakes and Jeni's Dark Cocoa Peppermint ice cream (about midnight, PST).


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post-Sale Day Blues

Dear Anthrofans:

     Does anyone else feel a little let down when she wakes up and it's not Tuesday anymore?

Here's what I WISH had been on sale--
The lovely Yukada. For a mere 300 buckaroos. It makes rolling out of bed and going to work almost worth it.

Here's what ACTUALLY went on sale. Oh, sneaky Leifsdottir! I love your Falling Strands. Just wish the price would fall a little, too. Still going strong at about $120.

Here's what I ended up buying. I've been eying these cutie-pies ever since October when they hit the website. I think I ended up snatching up one. Of each. And a headband.

It's called good parenting.
Scooter may not get to go to college, but she'll be well-dressed.

P.S. Does no one like book giveaways except for Lori (hi Lori!)? I'm noticing there is a distinct lack of interest in the Sartorialist Giveaway? Should I do jewelry next time? Just wondering. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

100th Post and Giveaway

     It's Anthrolife's 100th post! Um, finally. And looking back at this little blog's history, I am reminded of a few woulda-shoulda-couldas. Some items that I wish I had procured...but didn't. Some pictures I could have posted...but didn't. 
     You know, regrets, foibles, might-have-beens. Life, as the road not taken. Sliding doors.

Some recent regrets include the Babergh Dress, which is now woefully overpriced on Ebay. I just couldn't bring myself to buying one, since I didn't know what I'd look like in 6-9 months, post-baby. But isn't it just gorgeous?

Same with the Dagmar. Loved it, but wasn't sure where the post-baby-belly pendulum would swing to. A 2? a 4? a 6? No clue. Oh well.

So to celebrate my little milestone, I will host a giveaway with one of my favorite Anthro books, the Sartorialist by Scott Schuman, which is inspired by his website and fashion photography, both runway and street fashion. Love him!

 Here's how you enter:

1. Be a US resident (sorry, Canadians and other international friends!)

2. For one entry: Follow this blog, name your favorite post, and let me know in the comments. Include your email address in case you win.

3. For an additional entry: If you have a blog and would like an additional entry, send me a link mentioning this giveaway to your blog post. 

4. For even one more entry: Comment and send a picture of an item "that got away"--an Anthro item that you never bought but never forgot either. Send pictures to swingturtle at gmail dot com.

5. I will pick a winner on Sunday, November 28th, after 12 midnight, PST. Hopefully after eating lots of leftover garlic mashed potatoes. The winner will be announced on Monday November 29th.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let the Nesting Begin! DIY Anthro Ruffles

Hi girls,
     It's true! The whole "nesting" instinct has officially kicked in. I didn't think I would ever get the organizing/scrubbing/crafting/sewing bug. It has now arrived. And is specifically personified in lots of ruffles.

     I'm one of those people who's never met a ruffle I didn't like. Scary, I know.

With the above tops as inspiration, and a new cutting mat and rotary blade at my side, I consulted one of my favorite Mormon blogger mamas, Sara (see her tutorial here) on the subject of ruffling (I have no problem being a ruffian in general).

Step 1: Rip open your new cutting mat/rotary blade with glee (you can also do this project WHILE watching Glee--but will probably take much longer).

2. Grab a basic tee or tank top that needs some sprucing.

3. Cut some strips from fabric scraps with your awesome new rotary blade. Set your sewing machine on the longest stitch, then pull the bottom thread through to create ruffles.

4. Make happy faces with the new ruffly strips.

5. Line them up on the tee/tank in whatever design you like, and pin every 2-3 inches horizontally so you can sew over the pins.
6. Try it on in the mirror.

7. Repeat with different color tee.

8. Try a more adventurous design with the ruffles. Pin. Struggle with sewing it a bit--but by lifting the pedal foot intermittantly, realize the ruffles actually can be evenly distributed.

10. Try that sucker on for size.

11. Take a side view picture for that one clamoring stalker/fan (singular). Hi Mom!

See how fun and easy? What do you guys want to ruffle?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kickin' Lotsa Booty

     Let's just say, I don't have dainty ladylike feet. And pregnancy sure ain't a-helpin'. In fact, the term "Hobbit Stumps" comes instantly to mind.

But I love a good boot that doesn't draw too much attention, and does not look boat-esque.

So, when I saw these "on-line only" beauties, I had to gasp, recoil, and then coo. I think it's the color (Olive! And a perfect shade, at that!) that me loves the most.

Also, the Falling Temperature boot reminds me of boots that Lily wore on How I Met your Mother--and I've been DYING to get my hands on some for a year now! Stalking ebay, zappos, and shopstyle--for something comparable, yet affordable.

This may be it.

I even tried some boots on in Budapest, but they didn't have any in my size (apparently, even European women have smaller feet than me). Boo...

     I did buy the Loose Reins Boots for $268 a few months ago and have worn them a few times. The only issue I have is that they're a little small (so half-size up--unless it's just the preggo feet in addition to my usual enlarged tootsies), and I would LOVE the heel to be a bit higher. Otherwise, so adorable, with the ruffles along the edge.

Nalynne, my dear SIL had ordered them too, and the lace broke almost the minute she tried them on. She had to Ebay them in favor of the Bowtied Beaties.

Other cuties on the boots page:

The Pebbled and Primped at $258

Nalynne's faves, Bowtied Beauties at $248

and the Mother Lode--LOVING the textures and color blocking of these gorgeous (but pricey at $448)
Rhinebeck Boots. SUH-WOON.

Um, sale-stalk? Or just eat cheerios for 4 weeks? Maybe Scooter can just go to a trade school...College is overrated, right?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prague Part II and Budapest

Across the street from Prada in Praha, this independent store with the cutest jacket. I was wishing I could try it on, but it had just closed for the evening. So elegant while still casual.

Ok. a few more charming panaramics of the city. Isn't the combination of the the red roofs and the turning leaves amazing?

We went to the Old Jewish cemetary. They were forced to stack 12,000 tombstones up like dominoes because of the lack of space allowed them between the 1400 to1700. We wandered through other parts of the Jewish Quarter, feeling both inspired and saddened.

Old Town Square at night.
One of many cups of hot chocolate at one of many cafes. The chilly weather demanded it.

Views of the city along the Vltava River.
Views from the train to Budapest, along the Danube River.

Hello, Budapest!
The biggest and most charming food court ever, Great Market Hall. Full of delis, restaurants, fruit stands, and adorable little old Hungarian ladies.

The biggest chocolate croissant in Eastern Europe. Literally half the size of my head. Really.
One of many beautiful bridges in Budapest.
Many cafes. Many cups of steaming hot cocoa. Many moments communing and consulting with Rick Steves.
The Parliament Building from across the Danube.
A poignant and lovely Holocaust monument, with every silver leaf is a name of another victim.

Outside the Great Synagogue, the world's 2nd biggest synagogue (biggest is in NYC).
Inside, with the beautiful popcorny chandeliers and soaring ceilings. Per the tour guide, Estee Lauder's (who was a Hungarian Jew) family, donated $5 million to restore after the building was wrecked during WWII, with Nazis using the synagogue as a stable for horses.
And on the other side, St. Istvan's Basilica.
Also with the soaring ceilings, gilded rotunda, and intricate carvings.
Budapests's gorgeous opera house, also with the hugeness and the gildedness and the popcorn chandelier. I know--enough with the beautiful, old stuff already!!

Then. The most organized, realistic, scariest mueum in Budapest. Amazing, The House of Terror--former headquarters for the Communists, also where they held and executed prisoners. Truly terrible. Also, where I lost my red knit hat.
Statue Park, home of Communist Propoganda promotional statues and other paraphernalia. Oversized and a little artless.

Heroes of Hungarian history line up. Chris shows off some features of his fancy non-SLR camera.

We went back to the Opera House that last night for Beethoven's Fidelio. Sung in ?Italian? with Hungarian subtitles. Lets just say that I fell asleep before intermission and Chris wished he could have too. The singing and building were beautiful--just sucks if you never know what's going on.

We were ready to come back by then. Loved the learning, exploration, scenery--traipsing all over creation. But sometimes you just want to go home.