Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventure to Prague? Czech!

Hi friends! Isn't it great to get to Friday afternoon, albeit likely battle-torn? Well, let me show you some of our adventures to and in Prague to distract and hopefully amuse. 

First off, a disclaimer. This was not a very fashion-forward vacation week for me. Due to the weather (um, like 45 F everyday, mixed with a chilly wind that reminded me of December in Chicago--it was SO NOT messing around) I wore Anthro everyday, but layered in a boring, practical way EVERYDAY with: 
F21 beige Cardigan
Black Anthro Cream Confection Jacket
Fuzzy Boots from goodness-knows
Assorted and sundry maternity pants
Also, I'm sincerely sorry--my accessories were like a bad scene from a Harajaku club scene. Magenta gloves, grey/blue scarf and a knit-helmet-style patchwork hat that never really left my head. You'll see. It's "a lotta look," as Tim Gunn would say. But Preggars had to stay warm.
Pigging out on curry and couscous at the British Airways Lounge at Heathrow, London. Sure is nice to be married to someone who has enough miles to score free nosh/wifi/chips/dessert/bottled drinks (and even a wine rack that I of course, could not partake of). 

'Course, that did not keep us from getting THROWN OFF THE PLANE (albeit for about 20 minutes) because I was "too pregnant" to fly safely for 2.5 hours, apparently. Sigh. Those silly Brits. Even though I had just seen my OB, had a copy of my own records, was EXACTLY 28 weeks, they wanted a written note. GRRRRRRRRR.

It took a call to the US office and their medical officer on call "cleared me" to fly. I almost had to drop-kick the excessively smug stewardess (who flagged me) on the way out, but didn't want to further perpetuate the "ugly American" stereotype. I am a patriot, above all. They're just mad we have more Anthros than they do.

Our first stop in Prague was Wenceslas Square, where many a lively protest/demonstration/smackdown-by-Soviets have occurred over the last century. Amazingly, the very place where many have fought for their freedom, run from the police, gotten beaten to a bloody pulp, there now proudly stands a Sephora and H & M. Which proves that it was all WORTH it.

Behind the statue of King Wenceslas stands the beautiful National Museum. Just one of many architectural jewels that we took pictures of (but skipped out on the interior--after all, Rick Steves said it was dull--and girls--Rick is usually right).

Did I mention it was freezing? Here is the dear little man who ripped us off sold us this lovely knit cap from his fine and varied collection. I almost got the same hat as him, but it didn't really set off my eyes. I thought the colors were the most appropriate for fall, as all the leaves were turning in Prague, and it reminded me of something Anthro would have had. 

If Anthro ever had a little street corner tourist-trap stall in Prague. 

Beautiful Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock (built originally in the 1500's)

As if the jaw-dropping Gothic architecture wasn't charming enough, they pour it on with the horse-drawn carriage. "Clippity-clop--Don't you get it?!!! It's like a fairyland here!!"

The statues under the clock represent hedonism, greed, vanity and death. Death tips his hourglass every hour while crowds watch below. He does not have any sense of daylight savings unfortunately.

Next door is the Old Town Hall Tower with this amazingly intricate door. I thought they could try to copy this for the next Anthro in my area. I mean, it would really set off the Cloaked in Roses Jacket, which tangentially, I will have to sale-stalk.

Amazingly, despite its Communist history and old-world undergirdings, Prague was FILLED with music. At every turn, people were playing jazz on the street, singing, jamming in bands. It also has a rich late-night jazz club scene and wonderful classical music concerts daily.

Also, the biggest mac and cheese stall you could ever imagine on the town square.

Thanks to Rick Steves, we wandered into this local pub that had good stew, huge dumplings, cheap home-brewed beer (pilsner), and the most adorable little accordian player who tapped his toes and swayed back and forth to his own music (mostly American jazz and polkas) in the corner while nursing a big foaming beer.

National Theatre, the "Cradle of Czech Culture" built in 1883

A view from near the top, on our way up to the Castle Quarter which overlooks the city. One of the sweeping, breathtaking views of Prague.

This city is like an annoyingly photogenic model whose hair and skin and inner thighs look good from ANY angle. Darn you, Prague! Can't you ever have broccoli stuck in your front teeth?

St. Vitus Cathedral, which was full of soaring Gothic and Neo-gothic ceilings, and the most exquisite stained glass windows.

In all seriousness, I think my favorite thing about Prague was the abundance of trees--and the gorgeous falling leaves. They were changing while we were there--a riot of golden, green, mahogany, rust, tangerine, and almost magenta. They were everywhere you looked. 

See how my hat matches the turning leaves? Unfortunate about those gloves, though.

The very large, hairy and generally scary-looking palace guard told us to move aside as a shiny, black Audi in a motorcade slowly eased by. It was the president. Of the Czech Republic. 
You can't see his hand, but he's waving to me and giving me the thumbs up because of my hat selection (supporting the local economy as well as matching the beautiful foliage). All true except the last sentence.
Although I feel like a superhero, you can see pretty clearly that I got dressed like I was colorblind. This is the Toy and Barbie museum, which we found to be a little creepy and a lot quirky.

Valley of the Dolls. More Barbies than I have ever seen. Even at the Mattel Headquarters in El Segundo. Apparently, they have all immigrated here.

Not sure if Mattel realized how confusing Human Anatomy would be for future generations of girls who bought "My First Pregnant Barbie." But I am NOT looking forward to January anymore. 

The outdoor market in Prague. Half kitschy tourist junk, half local produce. But on this authentic street where the old, charming buildings stretch out in welcome.

More to come! Has anyone else been to Prague?

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  1. How awesome! I love the little hat you picked up. I've never been to Prague but you've definitely piqued my interest with your lovely photos! Lame that the stewardess flagged you btw!!