Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Sartorialist Winner! and some OOTD

Thank you to all who entered our little giveaway, and a hearty post-turkey congratulations to Maureen, our triumphant winner!

So glad to share one of my favorite books with you, Maureen!

Also, a big shout-out particularly to Lori, Angela, Kate and Jadan--your comments cracked me up.

And of course, Dea of DeaDiaries, whom I have been commenting/blog buddies with for months (which is like forever, since blog years are like dog years).

Oh, and I'm so glad and flattered to have goldenmeans on board, since I really enjoy her prolific blog as well! 

Anyway, I found it all so fun and in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all of you and for all the blessings in my life. Especially living a life filled with joy and hope and beauty.

Speaking of beauty, Nalynne (my lovely and talented SIL) and I went to the local Anthro in Columbus, OH (IO!) today and had such a great time. Here is the gorgeous outfit N was wearing which attracted some spontaneous compliments from other fashionistas on the streets of Easton mall! Whoohoo!!

What she's wearing:
Anthro Lia Molly's Coin Purse Cardi
Anthro Raccoon Rumpus Top
Anthro Maryam Tank, see here $58
Anthro Three Beacons Belt, see here, $34
Timberland Boots,  similar here for about 160, Timberland Boot company Lucille boot buy here, Anthro's version here called Mount Lafayette boots, both about 300 bucks

The topper was the Frill Force Trench, which is sold out on the website, but a few were still at the Columbus, OH Easton store.

Here is our nanny manny, hard at work in the housewares section at Columbus' Easton Anthro with Nalynne's 2 girls.

I am so grateful to him for being such a great hubby, uncle and (dun dun DUN!) soon-to-be dad. Yikesies.

Happy post-Thanksgiving to us all!

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