Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post-Sale Day Blues

Dear Anthrofans:

     Does anyone else feel a little let down when she wakes up and it's not Tuesday anymore?

Here's what I WISH had been on sale--
The lovely Yukada. For a mere 300 buckaroos. It makes rolling out of bed and going to work almost worth it.

Here's what ACTUALLY went on sale. Oh, sneaky Leifsdottir! I love your Falling Strands. Just wish the price would fall a little, too. Still going strong at about $120.

Here's what I ended up buying. I've been eying these cutie-pies ever since October when they hit the website. I think I ended up snatching up one. Of each. And a headband.

It's called good parenting.
Scooter may not get to go to college, but she'll be well-dressed.

P.S. Does no one like book giveaways except for Lori (hi Lori!)? I'm noticing there is a distinct lack of interest in the Sartorialist Giveaway? Should I do jewelry next time? Just wondering. 


  1. I bought the Yukata dress several weeks ago. Pricey, yes, but I knew I'd really miss this one if it sold out. I try to wait for sales most of the time, but sometimes anthro wins:)

  2. I went crazy with the kids clothes last week too! For myself I managed to restrict myself to the Perthshire Dress and the Glacee Beret, but for my nephews I got the Country Club Sweater (one for each, so they can match on xmas, naturally), the bear hat, and the Mr. Fox Hoodie. I cannot wait to see them wear these pieces! And sigh...sometimes I wish I had a niece too. Because the rest of Anthro's girl clothing is absolutely adorable and I wish I had an excuse to buy those as well :)