Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prague Part II and Budapest

Across the street from Prada in Praha, this independent store with the cutest jacket. I was wishing I could try it on, but it had just closed for the evening. So elegant while still casual.

Ok. a few more charming panaramics of the city. Isn't the combination of the the red roofs and the turning leaves amazing?

We went to the Old Jewish cemetary. They were forced to stack 12,000 tombstones up like dominoes because of the lack of space allowed them between the 1400 to1700. We wandered through other parts of the Jewish Quarter, feeling both inspired and saddened.

Old Town Square at night.
One of many cups of hot chocolate at one of many cafes. The chilly weather demanded it.

Views of the city along the Vltava River.
Views from the train to Budapest, along the Danube River.

Hello, Budapest!
The biggest and most charming food court ever, Great Market Hall. Full of delis, restaurants, fruit stands, and adorable little old Hungarian ladies.

The biggest chocolate croissant in Eastern Europe. Literally half the size of my head. Really.
One of many beautiful bridges in Budapest.
Many cafes. Many cups of steaming hot cocoa. Many moments communing and consulting with Rick Steves.
The Parliament Building from across the Danube.
A poignant and lovely Holocaust monument, with every silver leaf is a name of another victim.

Outside the Great Synagogue, the world's 2nd biggest synagogue (biggest is in NYC).
Inside, with the beautiful popcorny chandeliers and soaring ceilings. Per the tour guide, Estee Lauder's (who was a Hungarian Jew) family, donated $5 million to restore after the building was wrecked during WWII, with Nazis using the synagogue as a stable for horses.
And on the other side, St. Istvan's Basilica.
Also with the soaring ceilings, gilded rotunda, and intricate carvings.
Budapests's gorgeous opera house, also with the hugeness and the gildedness and the popcorn chandelier. I know--enough with the beautiful, old stuff already!!

Then. The most organized, realistic, scariest mueum in Budapest. Amazing, The House of Terror--former headquarters for the Communists, also where they held and executed prisoners. Truly terrible. Also, where I lost my red knit hat.
Statue Park, home of Communist Propoganda promotional statues and other paraphernalia. Oversized and a little artless.

Heroes of Hungarian history line up. Chris shows off some features of his fancy non-SLR camera.

We went back to the Opera House that last night for Beethoven's Fidelio. Sung in ?Italian? with Hungarian subtitles. Lets just say that I fell asleep before intermission and Chris wished he could have too. The singing and building were beautiful--just sucks if you never know what's going on.

We were ready to come back by then. Loved the learning, exploration, scenery--traipsing all over creation. But sometimes you just want to go home.


  1. Pretty pictures! Look like you had a good time! You look great!

  2. o no! You lost your red knit hat! Thank you for showing us the history of so many of the places you visited!

    That chocolate croissant looks so delish. I've never seen one that big, or one that had that much chocolate on the outside.


  3. hi bonnie--thanks! we had a blast. despite the constant waddling.
    lori--gotta say, US croissants are better. but dang, that sucker was big.

  4. You are Ah-mazing Lady!!!You look great! I remembered talking to you in ICU then the next day you left for a quick vacay! Love the pics :))

  5. the pictures are beautiful and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time.