Monday, December 27, 2010

Gathering Harvest and Best of the Bunch Sale

Happy 2 days after Christmas and Tag Sale, girls! I had the coziest Christmas with my family, Chris, and a whole lot of Chinese takeout.

Speaking of bad segues, has anyone else totally SPENT THEIR ENTIRE 401K on the tag sale? Guilty.

However. I did kind of redeem myself today. By getting my price adjustment from sale day 13 days ago--Hellooooo, Ben Franklin! Welcome back to the fold.

I do however, find this puzzling--the Gathering Harvest Cardi (see below)

is remarkably similar to the Best of the Bunch. They're exactly the same price. I haven't seen either on in the stores.

The only detail that looks different is the knit collar.

Is this a marketing mistake? What am I missing here? Does anyone else find this so interesting? Plus, I would like them both to go on sale so I can snag one, mainly because I love the ruffled and diagonal button closure.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ANTHRO sale extra 25% madness

Ok, is anyone else going crazy with the "extra 25%" price slashing?
1. Maternity leave and the extra time/sluggishness of being 8.5 months pregnant PLUS
2. Extra 25% off incentive PLUS
3. Rainy day and general wish to stay dry and toasty warm LEADS TO

2 pairs of Canters

And all of this goodness.

Except, dude. Between the time I clicked on the Caryall trouser in size 4 (the only size they had left), and confirmed my order, they had SOLD OUT!

CRAZY Anthro shopper--I salute you! You snatched that sucker from under my nose.

It's all good. I still got free shipping, and I think I like the Canters better.

Anyone else making some major scores? Or is everyone waiting for the extra 50% supposedly coming Dec 23?! Very shrewd if you are...

Friendly Correspondence from Anthro vs. Sure Sign of Sickness?

Please, please tell me I'm not the only one to receive this box in the mail.

Have I reached that point of excessive consumerism? Tripped Anthro's "here's a sucker" alarm with my nonstop shopping?

Or just achieved well-deserved recognition, a swift nod, from Anthro's cool girls. You know, like the first time the cool crowd in high school notices that you too, lowly freshman, live and breathe.

I was so surprised at this complementary gift (i.e. something that I didn't order from the website), I dropped the whole box on the floor. Then swiftly dumped all the paper shreddings back in. What a mess.

I'm a little puzzled at the bracelet (or bracelet-shaped paperweight).

First of all, it's huge. Like, slips easily off the wrist and falls repeatedly into the sink whenever you wash your hands, huge.

Second, it's not particularly attractive. Unless you're into wearing something resembling Maya Lin's Vietnam War memorial in DC. Which I found beautiful and moving. But only because I wasn't wearing it on my wrist.

Third, maybe it's just because I'm not artistic enough to appreciate someone's brainstorming of alphabetically-organized craft-related words, like random neural firings in a Michael's.

The main gist is that Anthro is pushing their new Accesory/Jewelry store in Chevy Chase, MD.  
Ok, so did you get one too? What do you think? Maybe if anyone is interested, I'll make this a giveaway. Unless I find out that I can return this in exchange for a Babergh dress. Done!

Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Wile Away a Rainy Day or Two

Hello dear friends!
     It's POURING down rain here in LA. For the last 3 days, the sky has been in a generally bad mood and either crying or spitting or just sweaty from excessively negative emotions.

     Anthro has such great books which are perfect for rainy days, listening to pitter-patter-splatter of huge raindrops as they verge on huge balls of hail. Merry Christmas, by the way!

     I loved leafing through this book. I've ordered it from Amazon for $7, instead of the $25 Anthro charges (although not available on their website). Will let you know how it goes.

      Some non-Anthro books that will definitely capture/captivate/dominate your attention for the next 4-5 days? Behold the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. I know, I know. I'm like SO 18 months behind. I didn't want to be sucked into the popular series that EVERYONE else has read.
     Just like 2 years ago, when I refused to read the Twilight series, until Nalynne physically shoved the 1st one into my hands, and well, I went underground for 5 days...and have wanted to marry/breed with Edward ever since. Should anything ever happen to Chris. Hi hon! Love you!

     Back to now. Oooh boy. I guess 27 million copies and half a year on the NYT bestseller list ain't nothin' to be sneezed at.

Book 1: Took a while to get going. But then zoomed off--suspense, drama, and a strong female lead who has the emaciated body of a pre-pubescent boy and the razor-sharp mind of a world-class computer hacker. 

     The perfect company when one is alone for 2 hours of the Wynn buffet in Vegas and doesn't want to inadvertently meet eyes with a nosy waiter or pitying fellow diners.

     Who may become alarmed at the amount of food one consumes when one is 8 months along.  
 Book 2: Once one is roped mercilessly sucked into the trilogy, it's only a matter of time before one scrambles frantically for book 2.
     Which is faster moving. Which leads to faster reading. Literally finished in 24 hours.

     Yes, I love LOVE maternity leave.
 Book 3: I ignored sale day at Anthro and was totally fine. Enough said.
Happy Rainy day reading! Any other book suggestions?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anthro in Las Vegas, Live on the Strip

      Viva Las Vegas! Again.
I'm here for the weekend for a conference, and have realized a few things about Vegas.
1. It's not that sleazy nowadays, given all the posh hotels and the high-end shopping.
2. You can be 8 months pregnant and all alone and still enjoy Vegas (I found this out, since Chris couldn't join me for the first day and half).

That is, once you find out that Anthro is within 1 mile of your hotel.

It sits atop the 3rd floor of the Caesar's Forum Shops. Hardly anyone was there, although I did have to elbow someone out of my way in the sale room. It was pretty easy once her walker gave way.

Loved, loved their houseware section.

Especially this lampshade with the peacocks. GORGEOUS. Also came in a navy background, but I found the cream particularly elegant. Pretty bird. Pretty bird.

May have found another reason to keep working. These towels, at least the bath size, are $38 each. But they are beautiful and unique and BELONG in our house. Will find a way, little buddies! Just hang on!

Tried on the Dusk Ruffles Coat, $99. Really liked it, the torso fit, but of course, the post-partum fit is questionable. It's a nice sturdy medium weight fabric, and the ruffles aren't too obnoxious. They're quite sedate.
Not like some exuberant ones I've seen in Bebe's windows--ones that clamor for immediate notice of one's ample and perky bosom (that is, if one is in possession of such a thing).

This store had a nicely displayed accessory wall. Love the wallets and coin purses this season.

And these lettered boxes are even more appealing than the candles they hold (which I found a bit hohum). I almost bought one just for the box. SO CUTE.
I found the hotel that we stayed at (the Encore) to be just really elegant/sexy. Lots of vibrant colors--red, black, green. Tons of mosaics of flowers, butterflies, and other garden type items.

This flower arrangement with the orchids and roses took my breath away. Just before that meanie blackjack dealer took our mortgage away. Guess they have to pay the florist somehow.

 My favorite part of our suite--the houndstooth wallpaper. And the EIGHT DOLLAR water bottle. Gulp. I drank that entire sucker down.

Two Chanel stores. in a half mile radius. Insane? Yes. Beauteous? For sure.

MJ has a store there, too. I love the combo of the shorts and the casual shirt. 'Course, the blond fro takes the prize.
Does anyone else LOVE Vegas shopping?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Warning: Big Belly Picture Ahead

I know it's kind of scary. So don't scroll down if you are squeamish. I've avoided taking pictures of my unclothed abdominal area...til now. Oh boy, Scooter.

Every morning and evening, Chris and I are amazed that she is kicking around--harder and more forceful and insistent with every hour. Like an alien that is just frantic and trying to find some way out of captivity.

Which, let's be honest...

Chris took these pictures of a rose he plucked from our rosebush. A rosebush that has flourished DESPITE our best efforts to neglect it. Isn't it amazing how life and growth just happens? 

Without trying to be too sappy and sentimental...

Well, here it is. I had just polished off 4 Trader Joe's Fudge-Covered Peppermint Cookies. They're like Oreos dipped in dark chocolate, with Peppermint sprinkles. AH-MAZ-ING. 

If you didn't get anything good at the Anthro sale, seriously, eating even one of those suckers is just as good as a sparkly headband.

Isn't that headband so pretty?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anthro Bags in Action!

Hey Anthrophiles!

      Meet Abbey, a fellow Anthropal and friend to Anthrolife. She works with Nalynne and has an adorable little boy, Griffin and a very polite and charming husband, Jacob.

     She was kind enough to come to our shower and brought us awesome goodies, too.

Check out her Anthro Lockheart Corseted tote! Buy here.
I was drooling.
So much so that I neglected to take a picture of her Mary shirtdress in burgandy under the cozy jacket. Doh! It was beautiful.

She even decked out her little guy, Griffin in the cutest owl shirt thanks to friend Michelle's Etsy store. See here.
I just love the button eyes and the different fabrics of the owl. Abbey says it looks even more vintage and organic with every wash.
So crazy cute.

As you know, we did take a little field trip to Anthro despite all the Thanksgiving hubbub. And Nalynne and I spotted this cutiepie bird on the way in the door.
We had to take it with us. It obviously needed a good home.

I love the stitching on the bag, rough but elegant tweed, the multiple pockets and sheesh--who can resist that adorable bird?

See here. Sweet Sentinel Bag, still online, still on sale, $79.95. By Lucky Penny.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Cozy Midwest Thanksgiving and Dagmar Dress Love

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Did anybody go crazy at the sale yesterday? I didn't see anything I really was dying for, and since my poor VISA is just screaming in's just as well.

Last weekend, we went to Columbus to see Nalynne and family. As always, it was a cozy faux Thanksgiving. Nalynne runs a tight ship with kids, home, work and also looks so fashionable ALL THE TIME.

Here, wearing:
Wind Rippled tee, Anthro
Maryam tank, Anthro (not shown)

She threw me a surprise baby shower, which was so amazing.

Especially when she gifted me the missing part of my soul--the DAGMAR dress! Oh, and Scooter got some loot, too.

Surprise! Anytime there are red streamers, it's clearly a party.

Check out Nalynne's awesome Christmas tree! It's all Anthro, all the time.
She got a lot of these ornaments from Anthro sometime in March 2010 when they were on sale for a buck each. Notice this year's ornaments, priced at between $14-18.

Cece, patiently subjecting to Chris doing her hair.
Voila. Carrie Fisher would be so proud. As would be the Empire.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend at Home and some OOTD

Hi friends,
    Some pics from a few weeks ago. The combination of Windy Dunes Cardigan and a sunny weekend morning finally working out. I bought this back in May.
    Good to know that you can wear this Cardi even when you are 7 months heavy with child.

Cardi: Windy Dunes, Anthro 2010
Dress: Vintage 
Necklace: Anthro
Shoes: some sidewalk shop on 3rd floor of Bangkok's famed mall, MBK

Same night, on our way out for a ritzy holiday dinner.
Dress: Vintage
Necklace: J Crew
Shoes: Steve Madden
Chris' suit: Calvin Klein Collection, via Gilt

Next morning, same weekend over breakfast burritos and soymilk near our fountain. Flower arrangement courtesy of previous night's ritzy dinner.

Sundress: Old Navy
Cardi: Splendid
Flip Flops: Roxy
That evening, same fountain, same courtyard. Just another California sunset--no filter used or needed. Picture taken by Chris. Isn't that reflection of the sunset in the water amazing?
Many other pics from our week of showers to come! It's baby-palooza, friends. Oh boy...