Monday, December 27, 2010

Gathering Harvest and Best of the Bunch Sale

Happy 2 days after Christmas and Tag Sale, girls! I had the coziest Christmas with my family, Chris, and a whole lot of Chinese takeout.

Speaking of bad segues, has anyone else totally SPENT THEIR ENTIRE 401K on the tag sale? Guilty.

However. I did kind of redeem myself today. By getting my price adjustment from sale day 13 days ago--Hellooooo, Ben Franklin! Welcome back to the fold.

I do however, find this puzzling--the Gathering Harvest Cardi (see below)

is remarkably similar to the Best of the Bunch. They're exactly the same price. I haven't seen either on in the stores.

The only detail that looks different is the knit collar.

Is this a marketing mistake? What am I missing here? Does anyone else find this so interesting? Plus, I would like them both to go on sale so I can snag one, mainly because I love the ruffled and diagonal button closure.

Happy holidays!


  1. It's the same sweater! They released it in a new color and changed the name. Anthro is notorious for doing this ;)

  2. hey kim, thanks for the info! silly anthro...