Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ANTHRO sale extra 25% madness

Ok, is anyone else going crazy with the "extra 25%" price slashing?
1. Maternity leave and the extra time/sluggishness of being 8.5 months pregnant PLUS
2. Extra 25% off incentive PLUS
3. Rainy day and general wish to stay dry and toasty warm LEADS TO

2 pairs of Canters

And all of this goodness.

Except, dude. Between the time I clicked on the Caryall trouser in size 4 (the only size they had left), and confirmed my order, they had SOLD OUT!

CRAZY Anthro shopper--I salute you! You snatched that sucker from under my nose.

It's all good. I still got free shipping, and I think I like the Canters better.

Anyone else making some major scores? Or is everyone waiting for the extra 50% supposedly coming Dec 23?! Very shrewd if you are...

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