Thursday, August 9, 2012

Since We Last Spoke

We've had a lovely summer.
 Filled with swinging,
 Desserts at Bottega Louie,

 Visits and facetime with Aimee,
 going through many many bottles of bubble solution,
 playdates that have turned into whale watching
 (I swear, 5 minutes after I snapped this picture, I saw spouting and an enormous tail right above Avery's head--seriously. I promise. No, really!)
 Avery learned to drum at music class, and hasn't stopped since...
 Visited the aquarium, which never fails to BLOW MY MIND.

 Hugged my very very pregnant friend, Deb, wearing my favorite Floreat tunic (me, not her)...
 A few days later, hugged her precious, almost 9 pound chunker newborn.

 Game night with friends from work--a very scary friendly game of Taboo which led to lots of yelling from the opposing side, while my side (ME in particular) stayed completely calm and sportsmanlike. I have never been known to be competitive AT ALL.
 Avery and I went back to the Aquarium with other mama/baby friends. It's just that fun.

 Those leafy seahorses ARE CRAZY! Who could ever imagine the plant and animal kingdom merging into one?!
 Avery played horsie with Auntie Gabby, our sweet, Swiss/German, domestic-goddess, bulldog of a friend. She's tough, smart, loyal, and makes a mean Easter basket. Also knits like a badass.
 We had lots of sushi.
 And quickly jaunted over to Disneyland with Deb's hubs and son, while Deb stayed with new baby at home.  It's a small world, after all.
 Made kale-couscous cakes.

 Lots of farmer's market runs for these gorgeous gem-like strawberries (I love them on the brink of rotting--you know, when they're just so ripe they burst with flavor and the fruitflies are hovering).
And read lots of new books.
How about you? What did you guys do all summer? We miss you!