Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Planning

For a one year old can be a full-time job. I have decided to make it mine for this week, and am diligently scouring the kitchen, Pinterest, and my own imagination. In varying degrees.

Spoiler alert: There will be flags.
They will be pink and orange and fuschia and hurriedly sewn by someone who has not been sleeping enough. Because of the flags. Those darn flags, I tell ya. 

Also, on a completely separate subject, I would like my garden to look a bit more like Versailles, and less like our neighbor's cat's litter box, please. Cheers.

Um, oh yeah. Btw, the head count is currently at 80. There will be 80 PEOPLE at my house this coming Sunday. Come on by--the more the merrier.


Um, also, does anyone know a very good masseuse (who also can juggle and cook well and entertain 30 kids? Just wondering)... xoxo!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As You Wish...

Oh so fun!
My favorite movie and guaranteed smile on my face is Princess Bride, which is endlessly quotable and just one of the best part of the 80's.

So if there are any other fans out there, enjoy this clip I stumbled upon (I mean, who has the chance to watch GMA themselves?)

No one goes up against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ahahah! Ahahah! Ahaha...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anthro Pinterest

I'm finding that pinterest is a good way to keep track of Anthro items I'm looking for. However, once in a while, I end up with the label, no picture, like in the bottom mid-right. I guess I'm willing to still go with it for now.
Does anyone else have a better way to organize their wishlist? Other than the Anthro website?

ps. unrelated: did anyone else read Hunger Games in one day? And is suddenly unable to function until she finishes the trilogy?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Girl

Our tiny baby turned ONE today!

We celebrated with pink and white cupcakes, new and old friends, lots of gifts, and a nice, long Skype session with Chris (who sadly, is on a business trip).

I took Avery to the park AND let her play with our rock garden for at least 45 minutes (her favorite thing to do right now). 

Our sweet friend Gabby, made Avery her first doll. MADE. Knitted. From SCRATCH. It's exquisitely made. And casually dressed. Like our little girl.

The glamorous jetsetters, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Michael got Avery her second doll, from Tanzania! They just came back from their whirlwind world tour--including an African safari, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and 4 different continents(Whew! A wee jealous).

It's a mama with her baby in a wrap on her back. It's just like me and Avery--except a little darker and a lot more we are both a bit jetlagged.
What a warm, wonderful year it's been. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emaline Pullover

Hi girlfriends,
     I know all of us have some wallet exhaustion to some degree, right? I went to Anthro 3 times in 2 days before we went to Thailand, and luckily enough, I got some price adjustments at this last sale. Which meant that I got to pick up the Emaline Pullover from Puella.

     I love Puella--they make perfectly shaped tunics that are easy pieces, soft and yet fitted. They seem to excel at the empire waist and the slightly gathered sleeve. Especially this one.
     This time, though, a bit of an odd fit. I usually wear an xs/0, but the waist is so stringently fitted that I only tugged comfortably into a medium.

     Nevertheless, there were plenty left online and at my local store. So I picked up both the purple and grey. And since the Dulcie dress went on sale, still got money back. Hooray for price adjustments!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Love Story: Unconditional...Ossier

Anyone want to hear a true love story? It stars my friends, Shilpa and Iyan. And Anthro. Seriously.

Here's the Dress. The Unconditional Ossier.

Here's the Girl (on the right), Shilpa with her husband, Iyan.

She's my very good friend from school, who now lives up north (where my family lives), while I live down south (where her family lives). Got it?

In short, Iyan wanted to buy Shilpa a Christmas gift--the Unconditional Ossier. See the emails below.

A few days later: 

A week later:


December 15: My dad brings the dress up north, from my house.

December 21: I come up north to visit my family, including my newborn nephew (hi Carson!)

December 23, 4 pm: Iyan comes to pick up the dress from our family's house during the daytime.

December 23, 9 pm:  I go to their house to say hi to Shilpa, pretending not to have seen Iyan a mere 5 hours earlier.

December 23, 10 pm: We take a picture in front of their Christmas tree. I'm smirking bc Iyan is taking the picture and I'm trying NOT to shout out,"He bought the Unconditional Ossier for you!!"

Btw, she always looks this good. Even in her jammies.

I had even offered to bring the dress over that night, and sneak it by Shilpa somehow but Iyan thought she would be suspicious. He was THAT devoted to the cause--so he drove all over town and rolled back his odometer and covered his tracks.

December 25: Iyan gives the dress to Shilpa. Fireworks ensue.

Isn't that a sweet story? See? Chivalry isn't dead.

I've been overseas with Chris' family for the holidays, so haven't blogged or been to the store in the last 10 days. Hope you all have been merry and bright.

Happy belated holidays, everyone!

Much love,