Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anthro Pinterest

I'm finding that pinterest is a good way to keep track of Anthro items I'm looking for. However, once in a while, I end up with the label, no picture, like in the bottom mid-right. I guess I'm willing to still go with it for now.
Does anyone else have a better way to organize their wishlist? Other than the Anthro website?

ps. unrelated: did anyone else read Hunger Games in one day? And is suddenly unable to function until she finishes the trilogy?


  1. Hunger Games: loved the first 2, but the 3rd was so depressing, no? Love your taste in melon/gray colors and fashion.

  2. I also read the 1.of the Hunger Games in one day...i just couldnt go to sleep till i finished it. :) The 2. is really nice too, but i found the third volume to be disappointing and not as nicely written as the first two. But none of the less, all in all was a great read.

  3. yes! yes! the third was a big disappointment and rushed at the end, like she was sick of writing it and just wanted it to all be over. argh!