Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emaline Pullover

Hi girlfriends,
     I know all of us have some wallet exhaustion to some degree, right? I went to Anthro 3 times in 2 days before we went to Thailand, and luckily enough, I got some price adjustments at this last sale. Which meant that I got to pick up the Emaline Pullover from Puella.

     I love Puella--they make perfectly shaped tunics that are easy pieces, soft and yet fitted. They seem to excel at the empire waist and the slightly gathered sleeve. Especially this one.
     This time, though, a bit of an odd fit. I usually wear an xs/0, but the waist is so stringently fitted that I only tugged comfortably into a medium.

     Nevertheless, there were plenty left online and at my local store. So I picked up both the purple and grey. And since the Dulcie dress went on sale, still got money back. Hooray for price adjustments!


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