Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Love Story: Unconditional...Ossier

Anyone want to hear a true love story? It stars my friends, Shilpa and Iyan. And Anthro. Seriously.

Here's the Dress. The Unconditional Ossier.

Here's the Girl (on the right), Shilpa with her husband, Iyan.

She's my very good friend from school, who now lives up north (where my family lives), while I live down south (where her family lives). Got it?

In short, Iyan wanted to buy Shilpa a Christmas gift--the Unconditional Ossier. See the emails below.

A few days later: 

A week later:


December 15: My dad brings the dress up north, from my house.

December 21: I come up north to visit my family, including my newborn nephew (hi Carson!)

December 23, 4 pm: Iyan comes to pick up the dress from our family's house during the daytime.

December 23, 9 pm:  I go to their house to say hi to Shilpa, pretending not to have seen Iyan a mere 5 hours earlier.

December 23, 10 pm: We take a picture in front of their Christmas tree. I'm smirking bc Iyan is taking the picture and I'm trying NOT to shout out,"He bought the Unconditional Ossier for you!!"

Btw, she always looks this good. Even in her jammies.

I had even offered to bring the dress over that night, and sneak it by Shilpa somehow but Iyan thought she would be suspicious. He was THAT devoted to the cause--so he drove all over town and rolled back his odometer and covered his tracks.

December 25: Iyan gives the dress to Shilpa. Fireworks ensue.

Isn't that a sweet story? See? Chivalry isn't dead.

I've been overseas with Chris' family for the holidays, so haven't blogged or been to the store in the last 10 days. Hope you all have been merry and bright.

Happy belated holidays, everyone!

Much love,


  1. Happy New Year! This is such a great story...I love Iyan's dedication to the Anthro cause. I'm sure that your friend appreciated everything you all did to keep it a surprise.

  2. What a great husband story! I hope you had a great time with family and your own husband gave you a few great surprises!

  3. Thanks for your help - couldn't have done it without you!! She LOVED the dress, but of course, in true female fashion, exchanged it the next day at the Palo Alto store (but only for a color change - she got the blue instead of the brown). Enjoyed working with you and hope we can collaborate again on future surprise missions!