Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Anthro" Trunk Show

Hi ho, all.
     Have you ever been invited to a party for a shadowy mafia boss who was supposedly dead?

You know, in a dark alley, with a hidden door and a secret password complete with a specific knock.

And when you finally wrestled your way in, mountains of glistening diamonds surrounded by fountains of dark chocolate surrounded by smiling Phillip Phillips look-alikes?

           Well, that was the unofficial Anthro trunk show I attended a few weeks ago. Hundreds of pieces from Anthro and Free People from the past 3 past seasons. They had been sold to a consignment shop, run by a few girls who brought them to various homes, much like a Tupperware party. Friends of the hostess were invited, and all the clothes were about 50% off.

       I came for the clothes. But stayed for the food. Because Julie, being the awesome hostess she is, had it fabulously catered.

 I *may* have gone early. And stayed late. And guarded my pile of loot jealously.
 I *may* have said the words, Survivor/Apprentice/Bachelor-style, "I'm not here to make friends."
 I *may* though, have relented, especially after my credit card started weeping when they rang up my mountain of beautiful treasures. Since I saw quite a few new and old friends there.

And when I saw my friend Amy, who saw one of the sweaters I had in my pile, I "let" her try it on. She had been stalking it for at least a year.
 She flapped around a bit, begging, pleading, generally grovelling.
 But she did look great in it, as you can see. So I *allowed* her to take it home.
 And of course, Julie the hostess had little favors. Which were adorable and hand made by her.
 It was the perfect day (Up until I got rear-ended on the way home, thinking "What a perfect day!" Sometimes fate has a way of balancing things out).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life is good

Yes, friends, we're still alive. And life with Avery is good. 
She's now almost 16 months and when I'm not running (yes, we're running) after her, trying to keep track of her many new words (favorites include "Elmo!", "BABY!" and "NO! NO! NO!"), or fitting work duties around home duties, I am trying to remember to wear my headgear. 

Yes, that was unexpected, wasn't it. I will spare you an actual physical picture, since your mental one is probably more flattering. No, really. It is.

We spend most of our time outdoors, playing with her new swing (not actually swinging in it, pushing rocks in it is so much more fun), picking tomatoes and strawberries from the garden, squealing and pointing and scaring away squirrels, and splashing in our little fountain. 

She gives tight hugs and pats with her dimpled hands, she giggles and chortles and loves to be chased around, especially when she has a very full diaper. It's heaven on earth and it's just going by so fast.

I guess this is just to say, I haven't been to Anthro in over a month or two, and I miss it. But not enough to miss even a moment of this magical time. 

So keep up the Anthro blogs, everyone. I need to know what's going on, without having to go in.