Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Avery at 21 months and birthday discount

You are blowing my mind, kiddo. With the talking, the constant chattering and commentary on what you want ("Avery want mama take to park") or what you don't want ("no want THAT!") usually with an imperiously pointed finger. You are boisterously alternating from disdainful to delighted to ornery and obnoxious and then quickly back to happy squealing.

Things you like:
going to the park
going down the little slide
spotting your little friend, baby Connor, and hugging him TIGHT while he gazes out piteous and hapless from your enthusiastic embrace.

Things you love:
going to the park with mama and dada
sliding down the big slide that always freaks other moms out--they think I'm being irresponsible and have Child Protective Services on hold
getting hugged by moma or dada and then pushing us and running away while we're not quite done showering with kisses.

I was listing your words up til about 16 months. Nowadays, it just is an exercise in futility. It would be like trying to follow a very active dog around for a week and counting how many bushes he sniffed and how many times he panted happily in between. Um, a thousand? Ten thousand? Why does it matter anymore except to show that you are normal and happy and healthy and maybe even a little obnoxious.

I do however, treasure your words. I love that you say,"Mama, come play puzzles, pwease." Usually the pwease has to be wheedled out, but it does appear more and more frequently. My favorite words lately are the ones charmingly mispronounced. Like "bwbwbwbwimp" (blimp) and "pwwumb" (plumb). I ask you to say them over and over, while holding a very straight face and a slightly shaky flip video camera. I know you will hate it when they show up in your future wedding video montage. Oh well. Well WELL worth it.

It's my birthday this month. I get a 15% discount at Anthro---I'm probably going to pounce on ALL the curtains that we should have bought 2 years ago and prevented our house from looking like a forlorn 70's garage sale.

1. Coqo Floral 2. Climbing Vines 3. Tawi.
What do you all think?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Since We Last Spoke

We've had a lovely summer.
 Filled with swinging,
 Desserts at Bottega Louie,

 Visits and facetime with Aimee,
 going through many many bottles of bubble solution,
 playdates that have turned into whale watching
 (I swear, 5 minutes after I snapped this picture, I saw spouting and an enormous tail right above Avery's head--seriously. I promise. No, really!)
 Avery learned to drum at music class, and hasn't stopped since...
 Visited the aquarium, which never fails to BLOW MY MIND.

 Hugged my very very pregnant friend, Deb, wearing my favorite Floreat tunic (me, not her)...
 A few days later, hugged her precious, almost 9 pound chunker newborn.

 Game night with friends from work--a very scary friendly game of Taboo which led to lots of yelling from the opposing side, while my side (ME in particular) stayed completely calm and sportsmanlike. I have never been known to be competitive AT ALL.
 Avery and I went back to the Aquarium with other mama/baby friends. It's just that fun.

 Those leafy seahorses ARE CRAZY! Who could ever imagine the plant and animal kingdom merging into one?!
 Avery played horsie with Auntie Gabby, our sweet, Swiss/German, domestic-goddess, bulldog of a friend. She's tough, smart, loyal, and makes a mean Easter basket. Also knits like a badass.
 We had lots of sushi.
 And quickly jaunted over to Disneyland with Deb's hubs and son, while Deb stayed with new baby at home.  It's a small world, after all.
 Made kale-couscous cakes.

 Lots of farmer's market runs for these gorgeous gem-like strawberries (I love them on the brink of rotting--you know, when they're just so ripe they burst with flavor and the fruitflies are hovering).
And read lots of new books.
How about you? What did you guys do all summer? We miss you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Anthro" Trunk Show

Hi ho, all.
     Have you ever been invited to a party for a shadowy mafia boss who was supposedly dead?

You know, in a dark alley, with a hidden door and a secret password complete with a specific knock.

And when you finally wrestled your way in, mountains of glistening diamonds surrounded by fountains of dark chocolate surrounded by smiling Phillip Phillips look-alikes?

           Well, that was the unofficial Anthro trunk show I attended a few weeks ago. Hundreds of pieces from Anthro and Free People from the past 3 past seasons. They had been sold to a consignment shop, run by a few girls who brought them to various homes, much like a Tupperware party. Friends of the hostess were invited, and all the clothes were about 50% off.

       I came for the clothes. But stayed for the food. Because Julie, being the awesome hostess she is, had it fabulously catered.

 I *may* have gone early. And stayed late. And guarded my pile of loot jealously.
 I *may* have said the words, Survivor/Apprentice/Bachelor-style, "I'm not here to make friends."
 I *may* though, have relented, especially after my credit card started weeping when they rang up my mountain of beautiful treasures. Since I saw quite a few new and old friends there.

And when I saw my friend Amy, who saw one of the sweaters I had in my pile, I "let" her try it on. She had been stalking it for at least a year.
 She flapped around a bit, begging, pleading, generally grovelling.
 But she did look great in it, as you can see. So I *allowed* her to take it home.
 And of course, Julie the hostess had little favors. Which were adorable and hand made by her.
 It was the perfect day (Up until I got rear-ended on the way home, thinking "What a perfect day!" Sometimes fate has a way of balancing things out).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life is good

Yes, friends, we're still alive. And life with Avery is good. 
She's now almost 16 months and when I'm not running (yes, we're running) after her, trying to keep track of her many new words (favorites include "Elmo!", "BABY!" and "NO! NO! NO!"), or fitting work duties around home duties, I am trying to remember to wear my headgear. 

Yes, that was unexpected, wasn't it. I will spare you an actual physical picture, since your mental one is probably more flattering. No, really. It is.

We spend most of our time outdoors, playing with her new swing (not actually swinging in it, pushing rocks in it is so much more fun), picking tomatoes and strawberries from the garden, squealing and pointing and scaring away squirrels, and splashing in our little fountain. 

She gives tight hugs and pats with her dimpled hands, she giggles and chortles and loves to be chased around, especially when she has a very full diaper. It's heaven on earth and it's just going by so fast.

I guess this is just to say, I haven't been to Anthro in over a month or two, and I miss it. But not enough to miss even a moment of this magical time. 

So keep up the Anthro blogs, everyone. I need to know what's going on, without having to go in. 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Game Madness!

Hi guys,
     Um...Our date nights always seems to consist of watching films that have been adapted from YA books that I'm a little embarrassed to be caught reading. Exhibit A: Twilight.

     Yes. Dignity is clearly not an issue.
     Anywhoo, did anyone else see Hunger Games last night and feel the sudden urge to buy a crossbow on Ebay? Also slightly nauseous since the camera seemed to be constantly tossed around by 2 drunk frat boys playing keepaway?
     And annoyed that she was surrounded by very loud 11 year olds who kept whispering and didn't see how important this movie was?!
      Admittedly, I love loud kids; have one, married one, have been one myself and hope to have more someday.

      Also, feel strongly that Peeta should have looked less like Blake Lewis and more like Matt Czuchry. Who also looks like Blake Lewis, but has those adorable eye crinkles when he smiles, which would have been an additional BILLION dollars in sales for HG. Just sayin'.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vegas Part 2 and Fitting Room Reviews: Four Corner Shirtdress, Correspondance Dress

 Vegas, home of big skylights. Lots of Asians. Both seen above.
Vegas not only excels in dashing hopes and stealing innocence, it is a shopping addict's paradise.

Oh and random celebrity sightings!

In addition to bumping into Larry King in the hotel gift shop, we saw Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku together at John Varvatos, had dinner 3 tables over from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, and I saw Cee Lo Green late that night at a Bellagio nightclub.

All in one day. And I only got a picture with Larry. Well, he's my favorite, after all.

 Also, lots of nice flower arrangements.
Anyway, onto the reviews!

This trench isn't online, does anyone know the name?

I took pics of all the tags except this one--sorry! It was totally classic, except with this adorable red lining under the shoulder tabs, and extra flaps under the collar. Totally Bridget Bardot meets Kate Moss. Meets a very buttoned up James Bond.

Just wish they had had a smaller size. This is the 2, but I assume the 0 is ever sleeker. Which is what BB, KM, and JB would all want, I'm sure. 

I loved the Four Corner Shirtdress like a bad college romance.

I knew right away it wasn't going to be great quality and it would probably clash with the rest of my closet. It's really overpriced for such a thin fabric, plus it doesn't have a lining, so there might be a slip in my future.

But I couldn't look away--it's so quirky with the collar and that mullet (longer hem) in the back. Like totally June Cleaver meets Pat Benatar.

Squeeeee! I snatched up the 2, but it was more than a bit roomy. So I ordered the 0 online.

Here's hoping my parents and Chris approve. But even if they don't, it's coming home with me.

 The Correspondence Dress got a lot of attention initially, and I'm nothing if not a follower. So had to try on the 0, which was perfect length and waist, but kind of blousy up front.

Plus all the horizontal striping seems to voluminize--for those who want that, it's the dress for you!

Vegas' Anthro is pretty big, decently decked out, and well-stocked with both clothes and housewares. And their sale staff has gotten even better since the last time I went. 

What a perfect afternoon I spent there--they tracked me down to get the Four Corner, bc they had been having technical difficulties. 

I think they called me 3x in the 24 hours which is more than I can say for anyone except for my mom (who has just gotten the hang of texting and now CANNOT STOP).

I'm most impressed that they live and work in Vegas, and don't feel compelled to spend all day at the Roulette table, compulsively playing #29 until all their hard-earned money is gone. 

Then drowning their sorrows in a all-you-can-eat trough of mac-n-cheese. I mean, who would do THAT?

Go, team Vegas!