Anthro Life in a Walmart World

This is not a site against Walmart. I have spent many a happy hour in Wal-world, browsing, buying affordable fabrics, gawking at the sheer cheap volume of THINGS you can buy!

But that's just it. I love Anthro for what it's not. It's not a catch-all. Anthro is very selective--in quality, in detail, in function. It is intent on things and clothing that will span the test of time, flouting trends of the minute. They are hardy and high usability, while being beautiful.

Also, observing the stores themselves--Anthro is quiet, calm, zen. Walmart, well. Walmart is a circus as half the performers unravel after a coke binge. 

The Anthrolife is what I want to lead. One of purpose, of content beauty. Maybe not so quiet all the time, but definitely not frenetic. Of selecting the better things, over the many and the cheaply made. Obviously this is not just exclusive of Anthro, but seems to be a signature and philosophy. 

'Course, until Anthro starts selling toilet paper in 12 packs, I will still be a-visitin' WM.