Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anthro Sale

Oh Anthro. You with your hour long lines for discounted dinnerwares. And lovely, luscious loungewear. And ivy-covered walls.

What an unexpected surprise to have another 50% off sale, right, girls?!

I was lucky enough to have been with my dear sister in law, Holly, who a) drove me to Santana Row Anthro, b) bought me coffee for good sale energy, and c) stood in line for 45 minutes for checkout while I tried on a 22 items in the fitting rooms. Devoted family beats soulless online shopping anytime.

SR's windows were so inviting and festive. Much like the tinfoil horses on the fitting room walls. Next to the go-back racks, where I found more things to try on. Thanks, SAs!

Avery and I were visiting my family for a few days, but will be going back down south tonight. I found my new favorite app for my iPhone, photogene2, where you can create stamps, cinema strips, black and whites and lots of other cool images. Will show more soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ugly Curtain Contest

"U-G-L-Y! You ain't got no alibi..."

No, no, not you. You are lovely and smart/kind/important, as Aibee would say. It's our ug-to-the-LY drapes. UGH.
They came with the house. We should have gotten a discount on the house, since the curtains are so horrific, they really devalue the property.

Is this why it was on the market for over 7 months? Maybe our nation's real estate slump would benefit from better drapes all around!
 Chris, bless his heart, tried to bleach them and soaked them in Clorox and vinegar. For 2 days. Then 2 more days because they smelled awful. Like Clorox and vinegar.

As you can see, they just transformed into a brighter, more hideous version of themselves. Like some Aliens nightmare. 
 Not sure which ones are uglier. But now the bleached ones are highwaters.
Anyone care to vote on which are the worst?

We both like these from Anthro, but they're unlined and boy, they sure ain't cheap. But at least they ain't ugly.

But seriously, which ones are uglier? I know, I hard to choose--either way, I think we have a winner.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love Tate Relationship

Hi girls!
     Did anyone score some goodies at the sweater/coat sale today? I only bought the Orchard House Cardi, which I'd read good things about. 

     Would have LOVED to have gotten a shot at the Runway Lapel Coat, but that has been long gone online, and I never saw it in our store.

     Anyway, thanks, girls for the opinions on the big bootie controversy of 2011. The Tate Boots had it! I ordered them from Anthro a few days ago online, using my 25% online coupon, but still pricey at around $320 or so. 

     And I was satisfied. AND THEN. I got this comment from Ally:

     OMG. I screeched to a halt, and careened onto RLL's site, and get this--FOUND them not for $169, but for NINETY BUCKS. That's right. 

     Only 3 left, and whaddya is the right size for lil' ol' me.


     So, now guess who's going to be getting 2 pairs of boots (now that I can also get the Herringbone, too) for Christmas? Just like Jenny suggested?

     Good idea, Jenny. And thanks, Ally! Rue La La now has a new customer, and any extra shekels will go toward our new curtain fund. Our neighbors will be grateful.

     Have I told you about how excessively ugly our curtains are yet? Oh boy. Just wait. Chris thinks they're award-worthy. Like Yoda, 2011's ugliest dog.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthro Inspired Baby Nursery

Oh December. You with your whipping winds and chilled icy mornings. I remember it was a year ago when we cobbled together our little nursery with great excitement and nervousness for our new tiny baby--I guess I haven't shown you guys any pictures yet, so here they are.
vintage Winnie the Pooh, handmade wool lamb's cap, A. Anguish

I wanted to call this post "Anthrobaby Nursery," but it just wouldn't have been honest since a lot of our items are from non-Anthro places. Plus, there's already another person who has an Anthrobaby profile on Facebook.
And this ain't her nursery. 

And it's not like we live and die and are fed by Anthro. Maybe once they start selling food...(cream puffs and peppermint mochas, please!)

Anthro banner, circa 2008.
My friend, Julie (the original AnthroNUT!) to whom the local SA's write "Miss you!" cards to when they haven't seen her in a week, gave me the Happy Holidays banner, which I LOVE.

It's all patchy, owly goodness, and they're perched on actual branches.
Whoooo wouldn't love that?

Anthro padded letter, Stuffed sheep family, various
Shelf, ikea. Canvas bins, Martha Stewart.
I love the quilted padded letters, and a is of course, for Avery...and maybe also for Anthro.

Area rug, Gilt. Diaper changing table, Pottery Barn Kids. Activity Gym, Target.
Chris, my hubs has a serious Gilt addiction. I have been considering doing an intervention, HIMYM-style, but he has such good taste, that I haven't actually gone through with it.

He bought the rug and the animal bins--all without showing me or telling me. They just showed up on our doorstep. Our UPS guy knows us by NAME (Hi Bert!).

I'm sure that's normal in like, Ohio, but in Southern California, land of averting your gaze and stranger neighbors? Not so much.

Animal Canvas Bins, Gilt. Crib Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids.
Aren't these adorable? They're also pretty sturdy and can fit essentially anything--diaper boxes, clean laundry, extra blankets. ..curious babies.
Sweater, LiaMolly, Legging, Gift. Socks, No idea.
Drawer set, Ikea. Knobs, Anthro.

The drawers are a bit basic, from Ikea. And not so well made, since the bottom drawer is now stuck at quarter-mast.

But this is perfect since Avery likes to stick her little sausage fingers in and bang drawers shut. So this saves her at least a little trauma everyday.

And I added some favorite Anthro knobs, like in our kitchen, to spice things up. From basic to suddenly quirkily charming. Or just plain quirky.

Sham and Crib Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids.
And of course, PB kids had such cute bedding last year. I love the little quilted birds...Next up, posters of Justin Bieber and New Kids on the Block! Oh...I mean, I guess that would have been just for me.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craft Corner: Wild Rosemary Wreath

Well, girls, we are now solidly in December!
With the holidays fast approaching, I'm trying to decorate the house with original and charming (read: inexpensive but beautiful) decorations for Baby's first Christmas. 

See what I did? First, I took a picture through the eye hole of our other door. jk. It's with a fish eye lens.

I already had this plastic mistletoe-esque wreath from last year. And we have a backyard full FULL of rosemary bushes, which are so fragrant and sprouting these delightful violet buds.

So we snapped a few branches off and used some yarn that our friend had left at our house (warning to all guests: if you ever leave anything cute or interesting at our house, you may find it incorporated into a plastic wreath from Target. That especially goes for children)

Behold. Ye olde plastic wreath.
So first off, get a good look at the wreath.

And now from its passenger side view.

Next, ravage your friendly neighborhood rosemary bush. I like the purple (verging on periwinkle, or azure, but not yet true blue) blossoms, so I searched out the ones that had those.

And also ones that didn't have spiders or bees.
Although, I did scare one bee off a branch. I don't know who was more traumatized--him or me.

Then, grab some twine, ribbon, or borrow some yarn from a crafty, artsy friend (hi Gabby!).

Make sure your Anthro catalog is lying nearby for inspiration. You never know when you need a quick Anthro-hit.
Then, start tucking the branches into the wreath, tying around the thickest part for sturdiness. Make sure your blossoms are facing up for the optimal charming effect.

I love that some of the blossoms are splaying outwards, lending to that wild, organic feel you can only get with... contrived art and plastic.
It feels so unplanned. I planned it that way.
Then, because I thought it would look even more wild and organic, I added my $4 Crate and Barrel bird ornament, buy here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bootie Call

I cannot decide. 

I love and need them both. The Tate and Herringbone. Why so beautiful? And yet not ever on sale? Why, oh why, Anfro?
Please help me.