Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OOTD Party at the Park

Avery's friend turned 1 this past weekend and had an adorable party at the park, on the edge of a pond, where ducks and seagulls congregated. The noisy quacking kept the babies entertained and the seagulls kept the adults glancing nervously upwards.
Lots of laughs with friends from Mommy and me (our baby/mama class). I smiled my mouthful-of-cake-stuck-in-braces smile. You know the one.
Please pretend I'm wearing dark gray socks and not very very light gray ones that make me look like an MJ wannabe.
OOTD, AnthroMama:
Anthro Tiny On the Ropes sweater, 2011
Gap mustard tank
J Crew necklace
Anthro Daughters of Liberation skinnies
Anthro Sunnies

OOTD, AnthroBaby:
Lollipop felt clip
Anthro LiaMolly sweater
Target Harajuku mini tutu
Splendid leggings
Uggs boots (yes! isn't that the cutest?!)
 Quack quack goes the duckie!
 Yes, aren't the duckies so pretty? No, we won't pet them this time. 
No, you can't have one for Christmas. 
But we might eat one for Christmas. Mama's not a vegetarian...yet. Although she's trying.
 But a girl can only eat so much tofu and cheese, you know what I mean?
Ok, now Daddy's turn. This is Avery's favorite game: "Tick Tock, Avery's A Clock." That's the official trademarked name.
...A clock.
Oh, big hug and kiss for the cuckoo baby bird with her tutu.
shelia and our little cuckoo family

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  1. I am buying you some dark socks. Honestly, woman.