Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday Line

Happy Friday, girlfriends!

Was anyone else impressed into taking pictures of the line on Black Friday last week? You can only play so much "AngryBirds."
 This was after I had stood in line for 45 minutes (total was 1.3 hours) and before they started passing out the German powdered sugar cookies--which were delicious.

This is at 630 am, folks! Apparently, there was a line outside the store, starting at 5. I guess I'm not THAT devoted.
A blurry pic of the SA who was lucky enough to get me and my mound of clothes. She doesn't look thrilled, but believe me, she was.

Who else but MOI would drone on and on about the different items and the Anthro blogosphere while she was held captive? She gave me an absent smile and a blank stare. But she did say that it was "crazy" to work at Anthro and to meet the "real fans."

I think she just meant that we are crazy. And well, who's arguing...

I missed out on the dress she's wearing  The name escapes me right now (anyone know?) (the Gullwing--thanks, Laura!) she looked gorgeous in it. Albeit very eager for me to leave.
I finally got the Ruched Marigold Coat for $75! Sweet success, even though I was not going to get it after fate and sleeve length thwarted me.

Eh, what can I say. The price was right, even though the line was not.

More pics to come!



  1. It's the Gull Wing dress, right?

    So glad you got the coat! I'm sad I didn't!

  2. thanks, Laura--yes, Gull Wing!! If you're still looking for the MR coat, there were a BUNCH in various sizes (except xs) at my local store, Del Amo, CA.