Monday, December 12, 2011

Ugly Curtain Contest

"U-G-L-Y! You ain't got no alibi..."

No, no, not you. You are lovely and smart/kind/important, as Aibee would say. It's our ug-to-the-LY drapes. UGH.
They came with the house. We should have gotten a discount on the house, since the curtains are so horrific, they really devalue the property.

Is this why it was on the market for over 7 months? Maybe our nation's real estate slump would benefit from better drapes all around!
 Chris, bless his heart, tried to bleach them and soaked them in Clorox and vinegar. For 2 days. Then 2 more days because they smelled awful. Like Clorox and vinegar.

As you can see, they just transformed into a brighter, more hideous version of themselves. Like some Aliens nightmare. 
 Not sure which ones are uglier. But now the bleached ones are highwaters.
Anyone care to vote on which are the worst?

We both like these from Anthro, but they're unlined and boy, they sure ain't cheap. But at least they ain't ugly.

But seriously, which ones are uglier? I know, I hard to choose--either way, I think we have a winner.


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  1. hmmm...I think the pre-chlorox and vinegar drapes might be a tad bit better, only because they are muted. Drapes/curtains are EXPENSIVE! I picked up several pairs at the Restoration Hardware outlet several years ago and cringed at the OUTLET price but looking at them today, I know I made the right decision. Always get drapes with lining, especially if you have pattern because otherwise you will never see the patter because of the sun glaring through. Another good place to look is the sale section at Pottery Barn. I recently picked up some beautiful lined drapes there for under $40/panel.