Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Wonder of Christmas

The newest member of our family arrived last week from the newborn nursery at Crate and Barrel. Isn't she gorgeous? A little red, but I think she fits right in.
 Chris and I have a hard time agreeing on furniture, so when we actually do find a big item we both like, he pounces like a ninja. 

Next up, we need chairs that aren't of the plastic patio variety. 
Maybe a bit too casual.

 In happier news, we put some lights up. And if there's anything cuter than a baby playing with Christmas lights, I don't know what it is.

 Hooray for Christmas!


  1. Such cute baby pics!

    Love the cabinet--I just bought some gorgeous red dining chairs from JCPenney of all places--gorgeous brick red color with a ladderback.

  2. The christmas lights baby pictures! Ahh, they are soo sweet! Kinda making me curse all those pre-light fixtures I have....

  3. terrie--don't you just love red? we are on the hunt for chairs, too. will have to check out jcp.
    am--yes! so sweet!! love it.